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that was one coool weekend :cool:

May 22nd, 2000

yeah,ok, so i wrote this after the other lot, but i just wanted to make sure I had on record what an absolutely excellent mind over matter has just gone :D
Seriously, i normally fall asleep at these things, so this time i went and got some ProPlus, well, it said take like max 12 every 24, but i did 14 in 7 and boy did they work :) :)

I was so awake, I was jumping around all night long, having the time of my life :cool: , infact those glowsticks must have done at least 10000 miles in travelling by the end of the nite!

Anyway, i just wanted to say thanks to mr james :rolleyes: for taking me in the car, and actually taking part this time, making it much more fun ;) :eek: if every next one is like that, i’m going until i’m well over a hundred :)
RAVE ON!!!! :P

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