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bank holiday sorted out, woo hoo!

Sunday, May 28th, 2000

You know when you are in a sort of mid sleep, and are on the balance of waking up (although you don’t want to, i mean its soooo early in the morning) and then something happens, like, oh i dunno, a massive record falls of your wall, smashing your glass of ribena and waking you up at 6:47 in the process? Well yes, that happened to me :(
I then fell asleep again (eventually) to be roused at 12 noon :) Oh well, i shouldn’t be tired tonight then… woo hoo! :P
So here everybody is my bank holiday plans (put together after a 30min phone call to jamie)

Leave in about 20 mins to cycle to cheryl’s where i’ll leave my bike so i can walk down to the roundabout where i’ll be picked up by mr james and whisked away to vauxhall (to go the last ever sunny side up there :(). This’ll go on until about 9pm.

Then off to central london to go to, now let me remember, ‘The Future Sound Of Hard House’ from 11pm to 5am, before finally returning home to sleep :) this should be a blast!

Because of this, i won’t be writing again tonite (and by the time i’ve finished clubbing, probably living, i’ll be so tired!) So it’s off now for a right charging bank holiday!! :eek:

cheryl, bazza and the long tongue ;)

Sunday, May 28th, 2000

hehehe. almost forgot all about this, but luckily cheryl has reminded me right before i go to sleep!

Now, i can’t vouch for how much of this is true (after all, i wasn’t there :)) but i do know that cheryl went out last night with all her work chums, and got into some very deep conversations (no pun intended) about her long tongue :)
Hehehe, aparently they all think she can do some ‘pretty cool things ‘ with it, and that i should have been very happy (and now obviously very jealous!!) …. can’t say i noticed myself hahahaahaha!

Anyway, i note that cheryl was doing a lot of cuddling, i wonder how much went to barry (or bazza as i like to affectionately call him :)), of course, she won’t admit to me, but, well, who knows?!? :D
She did tell me about this really cool sounding drink they had though, something about filling your mouth with liquid and then having it set alight! cool! i would try and get one myself, but i would sound a bit stupid saying to the barman “like dude, when i drink this, set it on fire!!!” :eek: maybe i should find out what it is called :thumbup:

Just rang up jamie to ask him about tomorrow, think i caught him at a really bad time (or he was just dead tired) as he seemed really angry and kept ignoring me :mad:, whoops!

Didn’t even manage to get out of him where we are supposed to be going tomorrow :) hahahahaha, nevermind, i guess i’ll just have to get loads of cash out the bank and hope for the best.

all paid up… woo hoo we’re going to ibiza :)

Sunday, May 28th, 2000

Hurrah! Finally paid off all the money owed for me trip to Ibiza, so now all I have to worry about is being able to save up enough spending money! Last year we went for one week and didnt really go so many places, yet still managed to clock up about £300:!: This year, i intend to party to the extreme, so am gonna need loadsa spare pesatas 8)
Found glowsticks :) Went in all the party shops and stuff, but actually got them from… the camping shop! £5 for two, which is a bit more than I normally spend, however they last for (aparently) 12 hours, so can use them in the afterparty when ssu finishes.

Anyway, came back here and watched ‘Snake Eyes’ on DVD (still got soo many free rental vouchers left) it was pretty good, although that bloke scares me, not sure what his name was (not nic cage, the other one), but a good film non the less.

When we got down the ‘junction, decided to try that new burger from maccy d’s… it was kinda huge, but very tasty. definately recommend it (in as much was as you can recommend a mcdonalds ;)), got a bit wet (bless this british weather) and saw quite a few drunk people (sweet bliss :)) but nothing too eventful really.

I don’t intend to stay on the computer too much longer (which is why i am writing this now), and will probably either watch TV, or Leathal Weapon 4, which I got on DVD time ago, but just ain’t got around to seeing, although I am told it is really good… we’ll see ;)
Buenos Noches! :openmouth:

for once, simon was wrong :(

Saturday, May 27th, 2000

after getting all ready to go out to the natural world shop, i thought i had better ring them to check they did actually sell lightsticks… no they dont :(
now i don’t have a clue as where to get to get some, perhaps camden market might stock them, in cyberdog perhaps?!?

shame, but will decide when i get out, the weather ain’t too bad, so perhaps everything will be ok. see if cheryl wants to come over and watch a film or summit. boy this lineone is cool ;)

so i finally have a pen pal… woo hoo!

Saturday, May 27th, 2000

Quite a bit happened tonite actually…

Firstly, Lineone accepted me onto their service, so am now surfing for phree 24/7 at a fast speed, much better than that crap btinternet. AND there don’t seem to be a cut off time :) WOO HOO! :D
Secondly, as i said, just met a really nice girl on irc called Martika from Spain. Have agreed to help her with her english, i like being useful. Talked to her for a few hours was actually really interesting…. :thumbup:

Got absolutely soaked in the damn rain, mis judged the amount coming out the sky and got all over me :( got home ok though, just needed to stand in from of the radiator for a few hours!!!

Maybe later I’ll try on this thong thingy zak got from the show, man i’ll look like a right twat :)
anyway, it’s late, i’m knackered and need to get into bed and off this infernal machine and into bed with the tv (well not with it obviously!!)

gotta get up not too late tomorrow to go and pay for my holiday, wooo hhoo we’re going to ibiza! better set an alarm or summit…. so long.