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sorry people, not much time

June 8th, 2000

I can’t write much as Jamie has sent me this excellent cd which i need to put on md for tomorrow via my computer.

Guess what, i finally got my £20 back from Zak today after about 3/4 months of waiting!!! I am now back in the money, woo hoo!

Also, I paid myself via the company :) £35 which i feel is well deserved, and that was from wilbur incase you didn’t know :D
Felt sooooo tired (as i think i said) and was no way i could face cisco, so went to cheryl’s house to rest :P It was really good, very nice nite, there was some program on tv about nudist camps :):) they were all old though :(:( although there was some miss nudist camp award, the winner wasn’t old :D woo hoo!

Played in the garden with marc for a bit, got this new game where we just chuck things from the balcony and one of us is below to catch it :) I know it sounds a bit childish, but very good fun…. hehehe :rolleyes: ’says cheryl!’

Downloaded all the club info for ibiza, it is gonna be COOL! have planned the whole two weeks :) not too sure if it’s all ok with cheryl though, oh well, she’s gonna have to lump it ;) (joking!) :P
Anyway, like i said, must dash, important music to copy!!!

one step beyond………… party ppl!

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