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i got a new job, woo hoo! :P

June 5th, 2001

cool, so i’ve now got a new job, well, my old job back really, except there are a few great changes. number one being i get paid double rate (yeah, like £10 an hour instead of £5), number two, i’ve managed to negeotiate the ‘ghekko’ contract, which is actually a lot more important than you may think.

last time i posted i think it was when gowry was staying over for the whole week (i took the week off work) and it was fantastic, so much so, that i miss her loads now (i’m in love god damn you! 8)) so when i was offered a fulltime job again, it was great, except it would mean i couldn’t see g on thursday nites.


so basically, i’ve made it so my contract is only 4.5 days a week, with friday morning off, so i can stay with g on thursday nites! woo hoo! :) oh, and three i only start at 9:30 hurrah!

what else been happening then, hmmmmm, got new speakers for the car, and they are quality, like serious quality, its gonna rattle when all the components are finally put in it :)
oh, and b4 i forget, i need to do a public apology to borka, who i missed going out with last nite, cause i forgot, I’M SORRY!!!! SORRY!!!!! SORRY!!!! :( :( but i know you will forgive me ;)
so yeah, here i am at my new/old? job sitting watching a computer room (i’ll try and sort the cam out again so you can see what it looks like) and basically getting on with my iNETFX stuff (this month we made £487!) this cc business is good!

neglected the group a bit recently (hi guys!) so will make more of an effort to see them, and try and save money in the meantime (i don’t know how, but i am broke again!)

neways, gotta put some posters up now, so need to split….. ciao….

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