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It’s Christmas!!!

December 31st, 2005
Listening To  Sonic X-Plosion Vol. 5 - CD2 mixed by DJ Irish (D I G I T A L L Y - I M P O R T E D - Hard Dance - are you ready for this!)
Feeling  Loving this music

Well, only a few days late anyway :) Yes family, you will be pleased to know your parcel finally got here, and was met with quite a great deal of excitement (probably more by the girls! they found is very imteresting!! :D)

w00t! So we now have some decorations up - I was also tempted to take the time to turn my table box into a christmas tree - but seeing the cost of paint, it was then time to change my mind… lol…

So here you go, Christmas in Japan :D

That was the front room - my camera doesn’t seem to do a very wide angle, so couldn’t get it all in, but my bedroom didn’t escape the chrimbo treatment either …


With even Usagi getting into the sprit with his own little red tree :D

So THANK YOU MUM AND DAD - I might even leave it up for the whole year - it looks kinda cool in here… hurrah!

So what else, well basically been doing loads of work over the last day or so, getting the new server secured and some crazyness with DNS and anonymous name servers sorted. Then the rest of the time programming Gowry’s school reunion site, which is FINALLY done… but I won’t post the URL until she has added her bits and things…

Yesterday Shimpei was around to do our talk about room changes - but it was a kinda pointless thing as no one really wanted to do it - so it went like this:

Shimpei (to Seiko) - Would you change room.
Seiko (to Shimpei) - Not if I still have to pay £500 a month

And that was it, we didn’t talk about the frontroom or anything. But to be honest, at the moment I’m happy as I like looking out the window when I work (which I couldn’t do in her room) and as the schools are on holiday there is no noise in the morning…

As for the privacy thing, well, maybe now things will change - the TV is now in Seikos room and I always have my music on, so maybe it’s just pretty obvious. I don’t want to rock the boat at the moment, as we are all getting on quite well - so I think for now, let’s just let it go…

Of course, if it all goes pear shaped a bit later down the line, we can have our talk then - at least we know there is an issue now - so maybe people will see the light :D
Well excuse me ladies and gents, but now I feel like some food (I was working so hard yesterday I missed all my meals :eek:) so I shall bid ye farewell….


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