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The Secret Room

January 16th, 2006
Listening To  Uraken - Mix 39 (D I G I T A L L Y - I M P O R T E D & - Hardcore - DJ mixes, hard dance and NuNRG!)
Feeling  Cheery

I figured this deserved a seperate post as it’s kinda special, but to save confusion, the photo’s were taken a mixture of last night (hence Seiko being in one) - and the rest taken just now when I went to get her some ice cream from the store and wanted to go back and get some day time shots.

Ok, so, let’s start with the simple, walking down the road and, what’s this?

A tiny little shack thing tagged onto the end of the block.


We get a bit nearer and see it has a little opening…


Strange, but what it be? The sign doesn’t help too much, I can translate - “Burusera …… ko-na-” - so something corner (well state the obvious)


A closer look and we discover it’s a vending machine corner, ah no problem, so Seiko goes inside to get a cup of coffee….


BUT WAIT! That’s not coffee for sale? Infact, that’s not drinkable at all…. can anyone guess…? (to stop me getting told off by mum, you need to click the links to see what’s inside……)


Well I never, fancy that ….. only in Japan :D

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