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It’s Wednesday…. woooo!

May 3rd, 2006
Listening To  DJ Cliffraves - Hardcore fever 2 (D I G I T A L L Y - I M P O R T E D & - Hardcore - DJ mixes, hard dance and NuNRG!)
Feeling  Happy

Hello chums, thought I’d drop in an update as all i ever seem to do is just waste time otherwise.

Just to quickly update on the Sunday night staff party… it went like this :)
5pm or so: Woke up
7pm or so: Got ready
7:30pm: Started on the voda
8pm: One bottle of vodka, i head off to Shimokitazawa.

Arriving there though, i couldn’t reach anyone as all their phones reported “No signal” (except Jimmy’s which just rang and rang) - not quite sure what to do, i waited until about 10pm when finally Haruna called (she had got my message) to say it had been cancelled and she was in Shibuya with a friend :eek:
Nuts, ah well, I decided I might as well go and eat out at the “all you can eat” Indian place, so set off down the road. Passing Asso, I had a brief look inside and, lo and behold, there was Jimmy! I popped my head in through the window to ask what had happened, and why hadn’t he answered his phone.

“Oh that was you, sorry mate… i thought it was the credit card people, so I ignored it” - damn you, thanks a lot :p Could have saved me a long wait, anyway, he’s put my number in his phone book now - so this won’t happen again.

I tried to console myself for the failed weekend by stuffing as much food into my face as possible, but, whilst it was indeed very delicious - it didn’t beat going out to a club :(
So what else have I been up to? Well my main task of late which has taken pretty much all my time up, whilst being really nerdy, should benefit my website loads ( - I’ve been working on SEOing it. Basically optimising it so it’s rated as high as possible in the search engines - my aim is that by the end of June, if you type “fiat” into Google, the FIAT Forum will come up in the first page! :eek: - here’s hoping :)
What else: Well, as I posted, I was fed up of relying on Seiko all the time for everything, so in a fit of madness (possibly) I sent out loads of random emails to people on the penpal site who seemed the kinda person I would get on with. The upshot of this is, I’m meeting up with a girl called Aya tomorrow in Shibuya.

I don’t actually have any information other than she is 19, likes all kinds of music (though doesn’t know what trance is) and has long hair…. a bit of a mystery meet then :)
I’ve arranged to meet her at 1, which gives me 3 hours or so to get to know her, and an excuse to leave if things aren’t going so well ;) lollage…

The weather has been very hit and miss recently, I was woken up this morning by a massive storm, with another one the other week (apparently an electrical storm as everything turned yellow :eek: - very bizarre) - but then blazing sunshine a few hours later (when I woke up again the second time ;))

AAHHHH! I’ve just seen the time, I better go to bed (or at least ring mum first) - otherwise I’ll never get up for 11:30 tomorrow morning!!!


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