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The dangers of haircuts

November 21st, 2007
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As anyone who knows me well will tell you, having my haircut is one of the most important events in my life. Really. If it’s done badly, or not quite in the style I am happy with, I’ll go around being paranoid and moaning to people for weeks until it has grown back to the stage where I can cut it again.

To try and help against problems occuring, everytime my hair is in a style I like, I take photos of myself - which I can then take into the hairdressers next time - thus, no matter what language they can (or can’t) speak - as long as they are not blind (which you kinda would hope with them being a professional hairstylist) - then they should know what I want.

Unfortunately it’s not always quite so simple though, with a lot of stylists thinking “they know best” and trying something a bit different - which of course I am never happy with, which then starts the whole month of paranoia off again.

So this week was once again “cutting time” and indeed my first cut since I arrived in Taiwan - meaning I now had the problem of not being able to say anything at all to the stylist and only had my pictures to go on.

So a quick sit down in the chair at Charlie.G.A and 20 minutes later she was done - and by god - she was a genius! I’ve never been so happy with a cut and will now be using these new photos as my guide :)

My haircut

Of course the fun and games weren’t over then…

I was so happy with the result, that I asked the stylist for her card, so as to make sure I could have her cut my hair next time - a pretty usual thing to do I would think.

Well apparently not - this sent Ting-Ying into a rage - demanding to know why I wanted her card and not believing it wasn’t so I would go back to ask her out … haha … she was very cute for sure, but no, I don’t think so.

Someone else is feeling a little insecure perhaps :p

On a completely unrelated note - the more geeky readers might notice the links to pages keep changing all the time. This is because I can’t decide which format I want them in - or I did briefly switch it around last night to the category format (which is apparently better for SEO) - however, after thinking about it, I don’t really care about SEO - this is just supposed to be a blog of my life, thus it makes more sense to keep the dates in - thus I changed it all back …. wow, what a waste of a few hours turmoil. Pah!

Damn it’s got cold in my room, think it might be time to invest in a portable heater … brrrrr!

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