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Welcome to Hong Kong!

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Welcome to Hong Kong!

Huh? “Hong Kong?” you say… “I thought you were in Taiwan?”

Well yes, I still live in Taiwan - however am now on holiday - indeed there is still a large chunk of my Taiwan post missing (it’s currently still in my drafts folder - I hope to finish it on the plane) however, so I can keep more up to date, I’ll fill that in later.

So yes, I’m now in Hong Kong - and will be until late Monday night, or technically, very early Tuesday morning!

So far, it’s been uneventful - woke up this morning at 10ish as I couldn’t sleep so well. I *think* I might have been excited, though more likely, just my whole pattern is mucked up (I’ve been going to bed at 7am :eek: ) - finished my packing (had done most of it last night) and was at the bus depot by 12, airport by 1 and in Hong Kong by 4 :)

Finding the hotel building wasn’t so tricky - just as the website said “take the airport express to kowloon, then the k3 bus to the holiday inn - finally walk along Nathan Road to number 58″. Simple. Getting to the actual hotel itself though was a bit more of a challenge, the actual complex it’s in is like a labarinth - there must be litteraly thousands of individual houses here, a real sight to be seen (though ugly as sin). To make matters worse, the place is on the 13th floor - which requires queuing for an elevator for a good 15 minutes …. bah!

USA Hotel Building USA Hotel Building - View Down


Anyway, once I found the place, I was shown to my “Luxury Room” - as seen below - boy I’m glad I didn’t take standard!

USA Hotel - Room View USA Hotel - Bathroom

Sorry the bathroom shot is so bad, it’s just I can’t really get far enough back to get a decent view. Not sure if you can quite see from the photo, but the shower is actually above the toilet?!? I think this is a cunning plan to save the cleaners work, as basically all the effort is done for them by me just washing myself … smart!

I’d already decided today wasn’t a day to do much, so got in a quick power nap, waking up at 8:20ish to go out and find some food.

Walking along the street, I spotted a TGI Fridays and a rather tempting looking rack of ribs - “that’ll do” methinks and heads upstairs to be seated.

Well blimey that was when I got a shock (or maybe a reality check?) - they may now officially be Chinese, but got damn they still have western prices! I couldn’t believe it, £1.80 for a coke?! Even worse, the sumptuous looking rack of ribs were an incredible £12!!

Of course, perhaps all you guys at home in good old blighty might be thinking “yeah, so?” or maybe even “well, that’s cheaper than here” (is it?) - however, for little old me, used to living in a country where THE SAME MEAL from THE SAME PLACE comes in at 80p for the coke and £7 for the ribs - I WAS NOT IMPRESSED!

Top make matters worse, no sooner had I finished eating and quickly rushed to the train station - my tum didn’t feel good at all - a quick stop at mcdonalds, and I had literally just flushed £14 down the toilet … :(

On a positive note though, I did pick up a sim card for my mobile - thus any problems with the servers and I’ll be in the loop once again - and in the same area, saw some incredibly hot girls ….. a small, but nice little saving grace methinks :)

Back in the hotel now, all nice and clean in bed - will try and get a good nights kip, then be out early(ish) to go and see what cheap electronics I can purchase to sell off back home - also, tomorrow night is club night, which I am very much looking forward to - I even have some nice clothes for the occasion, thanks to Ting-Ying’s dad :thumb: