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why can’t they just get aircon in here???

Wednesday, July 4th, 2001

yes, the question that everyone seems to be asking, why the f*ck can’t adt get air conditioning put in?? i mean, its just too hot to do any work (great excuse, i know :)) but it is annoying too…. grrrrrr! :angry:

anyway, i’m like settled in to my job now, but there still ain’t much to do, i’m looking at redesigning the website, but until it cools down, my brain just ain’t gonna function :lol:

this weekend lark is taking too long to arrive, we’ve finally got enough cash, (and organisation :P) to go and book our holiday! hurrah! ibiza here we come, well, if they got any space left :P
the cars playing up again, methinks the gearbox is on its last legs, but whilst it still goes, i’m still gonna drive it, and then perhaps get a new one when it dies on me :)
gotta get my uni acceptance form in soon, i’ve chosen the course i want to do, just a shame i didn’t apply for it :) so a bit of grovelling to switch is needed, but just for the records - G500 - Kingston University - Computer Science.

ah, and if anyone is reading this and in the uk, log into and put yourself in. then you can try and contact all your old mates. it lists like every school in the uk and goes back years, so should be worth a try! i found umm, 10 ppl :)
bengy + ghekko status:!: - things couldn’t be going much better, well, unless we like see each other more often, and i can quite often be found chanting ‘noo loo, noo loo’ cause i miss her so much :) espec with the holiday coming up, things will be great!

so reality check, i’m stuck in a horribly hot room and have still got 6 hours or so before i can leave… DAMN YOU!