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stressed seriously earlier, but am ok now :)

Wednesday, June 28th, 2000

What a day, have been the most stressed i have ever been in ages, but luckily all has been sorted out now.

Even though I went to sleep quite early last nite (about 11:30) i still woke up shit tired and not wanting to go anywhere, especially not work :P
Got ready really quickly and because the bike has been fixed up, i managed to get in on time. woo hoo!

Found out that 2020 are being real bastards about fixing some broken machines, cause basically they didn’t get the maintenence contract. Here’s how the story goes.

Last July, ADT were looking at getting a new computer provider, and going for 2020 Group. They provided a load of machines etc and all seemed to be well. However, the machines started to go wrong a lot, and then the maintenece was crap etc etc, so Zak decided ‘no we’ll use someone else’.

Right, so 2020 find out about this, and then become all friendly and the like, trying to win his mind back (as it were). However, he’s having none of it and this year, the contract goes to someone else. (June 1st this month).

Now, a machine (well 2) go down now, and seeing as they had 3 years onsite, we ring them up (2020 this is). NO, they are not onsite and need to be sent back. Bear in mind one of these is a server and this is NOT an option.

So we tell them this. ‘NO’ it was not onsite you had, so send them and we will fix them (yeah, like when??). We fetch out the invoice for when they were bought 3 years onsite - 8 hour response is says.

I ring them up (i hadn’t yet spoken to them) and talk to the head guy. Nonon, he says not onsite. I mention the invoice, ‘we even if they were, we have a week to do it’, i mention the 8 hour response, ‘i don’t believe this arrangement was made, can i see the invoice’.

Bloody cheek! calling me a liar basically! so anyway, we now await a response.

So that was most of the day, but in between there was quite a bit else going on, oh and why was i stressed?

Well, i have been waiting for some cheques from various people for a while, which have not yet arrived, and no word from them either. I then find out my email (company one) has been down since friday, so there may be loads of people that have been trying to get to me (this REALLY pissed me off).

Zak says Mark is coming in, so i cancel my lunch with cheryl, and rearrange with him (cause mark always pays and puts it as company expense :))

OK, to put it past me (email is sorted now) i go to lunch, with the intention of afterwards going to pay in my cheque i had been sent. I get to the cafe, and just want to check i have everything…


I frantically look for it, but just cannot find it. I then leave my lunch and run back to college, NO i cannot find it.

Then it hits me, i sent a letter earlier, oh no, it had better not be in there?!? I rush to the postroom, and luckily the mail has not yet gone, find the letter and, hurrah! that was damn lucky!

Back to the cafe then (all sweaty :eek:) and then to the bank to pay it in, before browsing around putney for a bit (well about an hour actually :)).

Mark never showed so i had to pay :( however, make note of price and get a receipt….

When i get back, i have olivers machine to config for him, it;s great, if i put enough stuff on it, he’ll give me a phree 7110 :) (you know, the matrix phones). Didn’t manage to finish it, so will do it tomorrow.

Club is an uneventful as usual, except i find out its Yolandas last day tomorrow, hmmm, maybe i should get her something, i never really paid much attention to her before :( Oh well, Staines ain’t too far.

Mark turns up with the new digital cameras, so give him the receipt and demand he pays it :) Sweet, cause he says OK :) hurrah! :D
Finally, its checking mail, sorting out zaks machine, and generally just playing music until 8, when i realise i should have left at 5 :) whoops! :rolleyes:
Quick stop off on the way home to see cheryl and to apologise for not being there for lunch. She says she’s gonna start going to the gym and get a belly button ring. Hmmm, she just wants to pull and lot in ibiza, and you know what you need the energy for …. ;)
On the way home I manage to reach incredible speeds on my bike, but get home totally f*cked up and out of breath, although i managed just over 2 miles in under 6 mins (with hills and stoppages in between :P)

Check mail here, fulfil any requests and setup my new domain account, which basically takes me up to now, oh i do love to read the newsgroups (they take up so much time… woo hoo!)

So once again, its good nite and godbless :)

am recovering from cheryls present… almost there!

Tuesday, June 27th, 2000

first day going to college with me upgraded bike, which was lucky as i didn’t get going until about 10 to 9.

Normally, this would mean i would be late, but oh no, not today! i got in to college (yeah i know i should say work) in a minute 10 minutes, which is amazing. (bear in mind it used to take 20 mins minimum!! :D).

Cisco was still going on this week, but decided against it and just hung out in the network office talking to derrick about the next load of football matches :)
Day… internet, rest, internet, rest etc etc with my only bit of work being installing Windows 2000 on one of the new machines, the one which zak had forgotton the password to :lol:

Went down the bank after lunch to pay in a cheque and the money i had got from the hd yesterday, but also to get zak a chipmunk :D from mcdonalds.

Back at school, it was club time, so more internet and lazing about, woo hoo!

Heard this really cool song on the box - Freestyler by the Bomfunk MC’s, so just downloaded it from Audiofind, man it is a cool tune, nice bass :):D

Cheryl gave me a cuddly ‘Genga’ which i am dead pleased about, and have put it in pride of place next to Pikachu (i AM NOT TOO OLD FOR THAT!!!), he looks dead scary in the dark! hehehehehehe…..

Oh, good news, Jennifer Lopez has split with puffy (arogant bastard he is, HA! :P) so i am now back in with a chance. Zak keeps saying she is gay, but hey, i don’t care, i just hope she releases some pictures :) :) :) :lol:

Anyway, I don’t intend to stay on the computer too long today (which is why i am writing this now), so i will go off, maybe subscribe to FHM and get my free lopez book :P
So long people, sleep rox, i rox, hurrah! :P

grrr… c&w better get their act sorted out :mad:

Tuesday, June 20th, 2000

Hmph, I get home yesterday and pick up my phone to the sound of…. nothing! Seems that all my area has packed in (and still wasn’t working this morning) despite assurances it would be ok by 10pm. So, if people are waiting for replies for email, hopefully tonite will be ok.

Anyway, this cisco is actually a blast, I just hide in the other room not doing anything and get paid :) This is better than when i normally just hide in a room and get paid :lol:

Last night I had to try and fit some new brake blocks cause mine where totally mashed, although all we (i did it with me dad) managed to do was lock it totally so the brakes were too good :lol:. Sorted it eventually though (not before i had to go down the road with no front or back brakes :))

I had intended to respond to my mail, but due to no phone, i just watched tv for the rest of the night. Summer ‘99 Uncut was pretty good, hopefully it’ll be like that for us when we go out there :D
They had a load of paratroopers on who weren’t wearing any pants :( And they kept flashing :(:(, which, come to think about it, was actually quite funny :D
So hot last night, i left the fan on to give me some air, and funny enough, woke up cold :D Hehe, had to wear same t-shirt as yesterday (the cisco one) as it is my weeks uniform, will ask for another a bit later on.

This diary will get so much more interesting when I go uni, cause atm you can just see i am a bit of a lazy bastard :D woop woop! :lol: