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I have a mistress - her initials are H.K.

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

Wow - what a night last time, unbelieveable amount of fun and new exeriences gained :)

The day started off normally enough, I got out of the hotel quite late and headed back to Shuim Shai Po (sp) to the Golden Computer Arcade to have a look for Tom’s camcorder and any other nick nacks that might be around.

Didn’t really have any success, though did get to see loads of new gadgets - thing is though, I can’t really buy anything as I have no where to put it, really just keep all my purchasing to a minimum. That’s one of the bad things about travelling I guess - I would love to buy a fancy projector and new PC - but really it would be pointless.

I was still feeling a bit rough from the night before too and by the time it got to 6ish I was dying for curry. I remember seeing an Indian place near my hotel, so I set off back there (I was meeting one of the guys from the hostel at 8 - so didn’t have too much time). An hour later though, I still hadn’t found the place, so had to settle on Spaghetti House and a creamy mushroom bake type thing. Pricing wasn’t too bad, but nothing special…..

Got back to the hotel at around 7:45 and got online to try and find an event for the evening - which turned out not to be too hard, as almost straight away, an event at “Tribeca” came up, billed as “Dance Event with Open Bar” - sorted :thumb:

Waited around until 10 for the guy to come back, however he didn’t return, so decided to just leave anyway a “go it alone”. After checking where the place was, I was slightly amused to find out it was in the same area as yesterday’s “prostitute pickup” - Wan Chai - so made a mental note to be more careful of who I spoke to when out this time … haha

Within 20 minutes from leaving the hotel, I’d taken the MTR, made a short walk - and was now standing outside the venue … result … all that was left to do was pay my 220HK$ (14 quid) entrance fee and walk in ….. to a completely empty club …. doh! I wasn’t worried as such, as I knew it would get busier later, it just meant it was going to be harder to meet people (you can’t really go up to people in an empty club and say “hello” - that’s just weird - you need to bump into them at the bar or something).

An hour or so (and a few drinks) later - I was still sitting in my little corner, when a large group of (and not meant rudely, but can’t think of a better word) what looked like gang members walked in, complete in baseball hats, baggy clothes, gold chains etc etc … the kind of people you would probably cross over the street from if you saw them out walking. They all sat on my left, except for one guy who sat down on my right - and that proceeded to start up conversation with me! He turned out to be a really cool guy, introducing me to all the other friends he was there with (around 13-15 of them) who, when you spoke to them, also turned out to be really down to earth …. never judge a book and all that…

Fantastic, just the break I had needed - instant friends :) Haha … even better, when I told them I lived in Japan - I was suddenly seen in an even different light, as, they all admitted it was their dream to sleep with a Japanese girl - I was like a God …. haha (though I don’t know what they are complaining about, HK girls are HOT…)

The night was going pretty well after this - until after about 50 minutes when suddenly the music stopped, all the lights went on and a mass of police all burst in! We were then all told to line up against the wall and stay silent… though it did get quieter, we could still murmer to each other - at least enough so I could ask what was going on.

Aparently this happens a lot, but no one knows why. They say it’s just the HK Police flexing their muscles because they are bored and have nothing else to do. Indeed, it didn’t seem like they did much. After about 45 minutes, they did start coming around and IDing everyone, but to my knowledge, no one was searched or anything, we just all showed ID (well I showed my Japanese card - they told me next time to bring my passport) and that was that - with the music coming back on shortly after they left (however, the openbar, which was due to close at 2am - DIDN’T get extended :( )

We soon got back into the swing of things, meeting up with even more people, including a girl called “Moffy” which must be the coolest girls name EVER, and a guy called Larry, who deserves his own paragraph….

So Larry (who I had got chatting with whilst in the police lineup) was telling me how he doesn’t really come to Hong Kong clubs very much and prefers Chinese ones. “Oh?” I said - and he began to explain…..

“For 50HK$ you can get the boat over to mainland China, it takes about one hour. Once you get there, for around 150-300HK$ (Like 20 quid) you can choose any woman you like and have her until the evening - after which you pay your 50$ for the boat back and be home by 10 ….. I’m going tomorrow, you want to come?”


Yup, it seems the sex trade is still alive and kicking in China - apparently due to all the poor country workers who need to make money somehow. You also get a complete custom selection - “Any age you want - 16 y/o no problem. Fat, thin. Large chest, small chest. You can decide! Worried about disease, pay extra 100$ and you can have a virgin…. oh and discount if you want more than one. Or if you want girlfriend, 500$ for a whole week - she’ll stay with you the whole time - do anything you want.” - all I could say was “Wow…. err….”, before he chimed in with “If you try and you’re not happy, I’LL PAY FOR YOU” - I declined his kind offer (though made a note of his email, should I ever return in different circumstances … lol)

(True to his word, when I woke up this morning I had a text asking if I was sure I didn’t want to go …)

Anyway, back to the club … the police intrusion hadn’t done anything to really dishearten anyone and the rest of the night was spent happily dancing around and getting drunk with my new friends - ending rather too early I thought at 4:30.

So all that was left was the journey home, nothing special here then …. not quite …. ;)

The station wasn’t open yet so I had to go and find a taxi. I knew the best place to get them was from outside the bar from yesterday (yikes) - so off I set…. ah, should have followed my own advice really….

On walking down a side alley to get to the main street I was approached by an older woman (maybe 40 or so) who started to ask me if I wanted a massage. I’ve got quite good at avoiding these people, so wasn’t too worried - however she was a bit more persistant and came right up to me and tried to kiss me asking me again if I wanted anything. I said no again (although admittedly not in the most sharp of tones) and tried to walk around her - at which point she (rather friendly, no malice intended I’m sure) then took ahold of and started to fondle my meat’n'two veg, asking me “are you *really* sure?”.


I did what any self respecting man would do, and ran off down the alley - with her shouting after me “where are you going?? you don’t want good time??” - not with you love, when I could have 5 young Chinese for the same price … :D

I love Hong Kong.

feeling all nasty and sweaty at the mo, need a shower :)

Monday, June 26th, 2000

Heya all, so how has my weekend been then? Well, generally OK really, a bit lazy, but cost a lot of money :) i shall explain…..

Still had all the cd’s to make for the cisco course today, which means the machines are tied up for around 1 hour at a time, meaning i had lots of spare time :) Had to write Cheryl’s card during lunch as i was meeting her afterwards, oh yeah, its her Birthday today, now a (not so) innocent 19 year old possum :) As a treat (it’ll seem weird) she paid for ME to go to Nandos for lunch, which was really nice, but I had to explain I had not been able to get her present, so we would have to get it tomorrow (sat). She was OK about this, and even more extatic when I told her what it was….. She left at around 3:30 to go meet her work chums (yeah, she was out with them tonite) she keeps deserting me, i think she has found someone else :( (hehe, joking!!!!). Anyway, that just left me to go back to work, and then home to watch much tv :(
Was supposed to get ready all early to go up tcr to get cheryl’s birthday present, which was hopefully one of those little MP3 Portable Players, but all did not go to plan, and we didn’t get up there until 2pm. (although a good point, my Tango Battery Powered Megaphone did arrive!) Took my old harddisk into the computer exchange to get money for the ‘player, and then went off to find one whilst it got checked (they check and test all hardware before buying it). We did go to the computer fair, paid £1 tio get in and left about 3 mins later!!! :D
Coudn’t do much else until i had got the cash from the exchange though, so went back, guess what, NO FLIPPIN CASH :( got really pissed off then and almost argued our heads off (with each other). However, decided what the fuck, lets get your present. We had seen it for £179 somewhere but couldnt remember where (cheryl was gonna pay £60 towards it) so we went looking.

Found it eventually (but wanted to barter it down, needed a plan), so i asked how much, £179 we were told, hmm we go, so it wasn’t here where it was, ‘what do you mean’ asks the store guy, ‘how much did you see it for?’ - ok, so do we, yeah :) ‘£170′ i say, the store guy thinks (he’s actually amazed), asks his mate, ‘how will you pay’ - ‘cash’ - ‘then OK’ he says!!

Woo hoo! So we got it for £170 :D meaning I could let Cheryl off the saved £9, meaning she just put £50 in, instead of £60. She was dead happy with it, and it is a really nice player.

Went back to her house, to see if she would feel any better in wanting to go out, nope, her feet still hurt, so we ordered in a Chinese Takeaway. I must admit, i was a bit miffed, cause it meant i missed my monthly Camden (i ain’t been clubbing for about 3 weeks now :(:(:() but i couldnt really go and leave her. Left at about 11 and got home to watch lots of tv, sleep at about 2.30.

TOday, woo hoo! Woke up at 10 (must be my earliest ever) but didn’t get up until about 10:45, cause i was watching the ‘Darling Buds Of May’ - mmm, catherine zeta jones :P Decided i would cycle up to tcr to get the money for the hd, so set off with my music happily banging along in my ear :)
Cool, i was happy (especially as my bike has had a complete refit, thnx mum!!) until i got to clapham common when the flipping batteries run out :( btw, clapham common is about 3 mins away :) but i couldn’t be bothered to go home.

Went the most insane route to tcr, going through Pimlico, Victoria, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square before I finally got there 1 HOUR later!! (it normally takes about 30 mins). ANyway, got the money for the HD so was happy and set off back.

Took a wrong turn again and ended up in Vauxhall. Decided i would go check out the Elephant and Castle (Seeing as i (hopefully) will be living/studying there next year) so cylced up there, took about 10 mins.

Also, i wanted to time it to Waterloo, so cycled there (carefully following the signs!) and then walked back, i was actually pretty happy as it only took a mere 11 minutes! This is good for next year, although for getting home, the tube is the much better option.

OK, so i was now back at the elephant, now to walk to vauxhall i thought. Bloody hell was that a mistake! Took a totally wrong turn and ended up in Waterloo (25 mins walk this time, so twisty!) Walked back for AGGGGESSS, until i found out where i was, i was miles out (well about 2) so got back on me bike, :P yeah i cheated!! hehehe, stopped off at the petrol station to get some donuts.

From Vauxhall, it was easy to get back, just a straight run, past the NTL building, Battersea DOgs Home, and then straight to Wandsworth roundabout before cheryls house.

Was quite tired, so watched the bill until 5 when the footie come on. Holland vs Portugal (me having £13 on Holland to win), WOW what a game! in the end it was 6-1 to holland! Klivert scoring 4 goals! hhhhooolllaaannddd!!

Marc and Mrs M came in during the game (i think) and it was quite amusing shouting through my Tango Megaphone for the rest of the night.

Had to leave at 8 cause Cheryl was out on the town again, and my dinner was ready. Got home, and was debating whether to put a bet in the France vs Spain match, but decided it was gonna be too close.

Man was the match good, France were winning 2-1 (only just) but at 89:34 (or summit) Spain had managed to get it back, well, they had a penalty. Rual steps up……. AND KICKS IT OVER?!?!? :D How can that happen, in the last minute a sign from god, and he squandered it?!?! Anyway, that was it, Spain were out (and if i had bet i would have won :()

Need to recharge my phone and minidisc now, plus quickly have a shower before i get shouted at. If i have forgotton anything, i will add it tomorrow, nite all!

i know i haven’t written for a week, so sue me :P

Sunday, June 18th, 2000

Heya there people, I’m sorry I haven;t been posting so regular, just been getting too tired and not feeling like doing it so much, am thinking i am no good at this kinda stuff any more, but i must start getting back into it :)
OK, i’ll try to write what happened each day, just to try and give you my weekly picture…. :eek:
Hmmm, a week ago almost, sugar, hard to remember. Well, i must have done something, but i’ll be damned if i can remember just what… hahahahaha!

Ah, today was the day we decided to convert to using a DHCP server instead of manually giving out IP address’s to each computer. Spent quite a bit of the day investigating into which one would be the best (it only turned out later that Windows NT has one built in… doh!) but eventually plonked for one by Vicomsoft. Was fascinated by how it worked, so my day at work went quite quickly, then work ended…..

Marc finished maybe his last ever day at school today, so we decided to celebrate (cause mrs m was out) with a bit of a drinking competition, with (as usual) cheryl deciding not to participate. Things were actually going pretty well for a 15 year old and a 19 year old with no food, but it actually turned pretty nasty when we both started to feel ill, and ended up with marc in bed and me wrapped around the toilet :)
I don’t remember too much, but i do know mrs m was dead angry when she came in, and insisted i go home, which i did (admittedly 40 mins later :P). Cheryl says me and marc were all saying we loved each other and stuff, i dunno, i cannot remember :) ANyway, dad picked me up, and i pretty much fell asleep after a 40 MIN (hehehe, soo sloooow) shower when i got home.

Feeling pretty awful from night before, but had to eat a biscuit in the morning so i could take tablets :( Had left bike at cheryls, so had to get the bus in. Late, (but then what did you expect) and wasn’t feeling too good when i finally did get in.

Zak decided the dhcp server was great and sent of the purchase order to register it, the key arrived, as did the new version via email. Which was great, except it didn’t work, it just kept crashing all the machines. :(
Worked on it for the rest of the day (even late for cisco) problem was NT takes soo long to reboot, it just slows everything down. Finally sorted it by removing the software and installing one by a different company :D
Mark Reid (from centerprise) took us all out for lunch, which i (somehow) managed to eat, so that saved me a few quid, woo hoo!

Cisco was ok, had to do exams, so cheated and got 100% :D
Got in to the nice suprise that the dhcp server was actually working (woo hoo :)) and got onto the phone to tctrust to get some ip’s unfiltered (so we can all surf the porn sites :D JOKE!!! :P) This will be done soon, so i am happy, even better though, is we can now run a webserver from college, meaning i can move my hosting over, hahahah, like that would work :) Nothing much else to report.

Nothing much in the morning, just going around finding all the machines to change their ip addresses, and pretty much nothing else up to lunch. After lunch i had to go down to PoundLand to buy new headphones for the IT dept (hahah, don’t you dare laugh!) two ducks from mcd’s for zak (well armaan really) and a box of choc’s for avril (from christine), oh and to pay my cheques into the bank!

Got back and had to get straight to work on the new computers to be sorted by the end of the day (4:45). However, Derrick got frustrated when they weren’t done in time, and basically just went home?!? Zak and I were there until 7pm making sure they were all ok for the big cisco conf this monday. He wasn’t very happy, but i guess we’ll see what happens on monday :D (the derrick thing i mean).

Ahh today (well just a bit of yesterday) got woken up at 10 by dad doing diy next door, i am getting really pissed off by this, i can never lie in on the w/e and am feeling rottern all day. However, finally got out at around 4 (after watching muchos tv :D) to go and take marcs airgun back. Aparently it just needed a clean though, so we went off down c/j to get dads fathers day present for tomorrow (oh and his card also) before going back to cheryls.

Ordered a chinese (sorry wilbur, not yours!!) and settled down to watch the England vs Germany match (england hadn’t won for 34 years in a competition match v them) and guess what…..

WE WON!!!!!!

Hurrah! Except i forgot to put the bet on (again) so didnt advance my winnings :D Watched a bit more tv after this and then walked home.

Actually a load more happened today, but i am really REALLY tired now and just want to go to bed, i’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

Just been told i need to be up by 12… bollox :(
ANyway, i’ll be more awake tomorrow, so c u then! :D :)
Signing out…… eof… coolfusion