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i am writing from a psion!

Saturday, June 3rd, 2000

cool! i forgot to write my diary tonite and was only reminded when cheryl told me whilst i was in bed!

So, what have i been doing today then??

Okay, well i woke up nice and early (well, only 11:45 :D) after getting to bed at around 3:30. Today was the last day of my holiday so i intended to do something worthwhile. Did i? nope :) Just went on the computer until about 1:30, but then decided to cook tom a nice lunch of bolognese, chicken and fried mushrooms, all prepared with some most uplifting trance on at the same time :D
After lunch, set off the download of quake II, which i had started earlier, but then cut off, which took 3 hours to download and was absolutely CRAP!!

Went up the common to work on sw11online, but had to come back quite early to have tea, which was a very nice takeaway curry…. mmmmm.. :)
Then I’m afaird it was more surfing/playstation (i really have perhaps wasted my holiday just a bit) where I saw this great thing about online betting, the idea being if you put £10 on, you get a free £10 which you can instantly take back out, so i put it on, bet on Spain to win their Euro group and thought ok, now get it back.

NOPE! You cannot withdraw the free £10 :( So i have to hope spain win!! Nevermind, i’m gonna put the other £10 on england tomorrow.

Man typing on this Psion is bloody hard, does this make any sense??? i cannot write anymore!! ciao :)