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starting to make dollar$

Friday, June 9th, 2000

yes, its true, since i advertised at a lower price, no less than 4 (with an unconfirmed 7) people have signed up and thats all in 2 days!!! Mad! :eek:
So have been quite busy all day, making sure the system is all up and running, getting the new user details in and generally trying not to panic!

Got a really good component for Delphi which allows me to output straight to a website via the CGI interface (basically so like could output a website!!) which is gonna be really handy, and should help boost my cred :D oh the joys of programming!

Zak says he can get the fully boxed version of Delphi, 5 Enterprise for me for phree, which i really hope he does, as it will seriously help me out at uni, but i dunno time will tell :)
Talking of Mr Malek, Mr MalIk still owes me that other £20, grrr…. oh and talking of college, Nisha is in a bit of bother after getting caught with some of my work, i hope i can get her out of it :( i really want her to come SouthBank next year… *cross fingers*

Had a lovely tea tonite, mmmmm, Fajitas, well done Cheryl! Oh and put £5 on Holland beating the Czech Republic on sunday, COOOMMEE OONNN YYOOUU ORRAANNGGEE!!! heheheh :lol:

Anyway, am dead excited about all this extra ca$h, so will leave now to go and run and jump about!

woo hoo! :D :lol: