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sleep my darling, sleep!

Monday, July 3rd, 2000

Well, what did i do since i last spoke to y’alls.

Cycled over to cheryls house to get some sleep, i can’t get it here cause my family are SO loud in the mornings, its also a kinda force of habit :D
Do got there and went to sleep until 12:30 ish, then watched some tv, had a bath and then more tv overlunch. Then guess what… sleep :)
Infact, i was totally asleep on the frontroom floor for ages, but cheryl moved me onto the sofa which was where i stayed until 7! when i had to leave.

Final of the EUro2000 today (which incidently kicked off at 7) however i still had ‘Romper Stomper’ to watch which was due back today so watched that instead.

Man its a brutal film, its about these australian racist skinheads and how they beat up the chinese and then revenge and stuff. Pretty horrible, i was hiding under the bed :lol: but it was actually quite good, makes you think though,,,

anyways, it was good cause it ended before the football did, so i went downstairs to watch the end of the match, 1-0 to italy, hmmm, good result (if it stayed).

So it goes on and on, with no one looking particually good, and it gets to 90 mins, everyone is happy, a result for Italy!

Then 4 minutes injury time are added on… so people all sit down, but soon its into the 93rd minute, so they all get up again… then France score!! Amazing! with like on 20 seconds left!!!! :D
The italians were so deflated :) but it had to go into golden goal extra time…. and guess who scored next…

FRANCE :D hahahahahahaha, what a lose to the italians, the poor poor things :) but very amusing :) but one of the best matches (well just for the outcome of euro 2000 :) the sad looks on the fans faces were well worth it :D)

So after this hilarious outcome, tom and i went back down blockbusters to take the films back. a nice little walk it was and we were having a nice chat, despite the fact there were loads of mad french ppl running about :D
all in all, an, hmmm, INTERESTING (if rather short) day! woop!

broke as usual

Saturday, July 1st, 2000

well, why didn’t i write yesterday, i’ll tell you why! i was still pissed off about holland going out of the euro 2000. i mean, and if that wasn’t enough, i had bet all my winnings on it.

So lets recap, each bet i won throughout euro2000 was put in the betting account, which accumulated £31. i put £10 back into my bank, and put the final £21 on holland (as well as the £5 i already had on them) and they lose, so i lost everything :( :angry:

Apart from that, i think yesterday was ok :D
Today was a bit different, working a bit more on olivers machine to make sure everything is absolutely perfik :) and investigating into the new email software i shall install.

I need to setup as many things as possible from now until i leave so they have no choice but to keep me on :) :D
Stay really late at college (about 7:30) just sitting in the network office chatting with zak about anything really, raphael has changed his mind and will be taking my job next year (in a way thats good, means i don’t have to do it :D)

Went home and rented out some dvd’s from blockbuster, ‘Human Traffic’ and ‘Romper Stomper’ both which look good, and i will try and actually see before i have to take them back :)
What else, hmmmmmmm, ate and got shit bored on the computer, i wish i had something else to do, anyway, i think i will get that haircut tomorrow :)
nite all, films await me… xxx

i seriously need to get a haircut :(

Thursday, June 29th, 2000

Not cause it’s too long or anything (it isnt very long at all) but it just feels so nasty on my skin. I’ve always had that complaint :(
Well today, what can be said, after the action packed yesterday, it was gonna be hard to beat that, and indeed it was, today was one of the most BORING days i have ever had :(
All i seem to have done each minute it constantly check my email or read the forums over and over again. I crave for more inetfx mail :(
One thing i did get more done with was oliver computer (remember i said i was doing it for the nokia), although i couln’t complete it as he didn’t give me his graphics card drivers.

So, lunch was a mserable affair sat in the network office, then to the cafe for an extra hour lunch where i had two slices of toast :) before back again to bore myself stupid :rolleyes:
ANyway, due to Cisco being yesterday (although i didn’t go) i decided to eat at my nans, which was actually really good as i ain’t been around there for a wednesday lunch since about november last year!!! As usual, grandad was playing the fool, although it was actually quite amusing.

One thing which was funny though: he has problems with his lungs (i think) which means he cannot eat a lot of salt. Now grandad was never one to follow orders, so shakes loads of it on any and i mean ANY meal. Of course this is bad for him, but he just don’t care.

Now, the funny thing is…. the salt cellar has been blocked for ages :D but he just hasn’t noticed so happily shakes away, meaning he will eat his food :lol: hehehehehe….

So i guess you could say i quite liked it around there, and when i got home there was even more good news. Cause i got a barclaycard, they have sent me this little free organiser :) and if i refer someone, i get a £10 m+s voucher… Mrs M… ? :D
So, the france portugal match eh? very controversual ending, although you can see it was a handball, man, when france won they kept like showing replays of the match… sod that! i want to see the portugese fans attacking the linesman :D
Oh, and tomorrow HMV have this massive sale on, the Godfather Trilogy is down from £45 to £5 so i am sending Tom up early to try and buy it for me :) hehehe :lol:

Well, now i must be off to enter my clients details into my new databank, so i can show it off tomorrow…. woop woop!

another day of hell, another day of boredom…

Friday, June 23rd, 2000

Woke up today with a strange sense of, well, tiredness really :lol: but knowing that today would not be good.

Tried to get in to college/work quickly as there was a big Vektor conference going on…. 8 flipping people!?!? i needn’t have even bothered :( but i had to stay there all day to make sure things went ok.

Lunch was weird actually, you have no idea what it is like to sit in a staff room (now, remember i only left this place last year as a student) and chat with your old teachers about sex and stuff :eek: really, really odd!!! ;)
So mainly just sat up in my room surfing the internet for Beenz so i could try and get a free kingfisher voucher (’cause i want to buy Gengar :D), you need like 4500, and i have got, hmm, 650!! hahahahah :lol:

Also studying the new odds for the Euro 2000, i’m still deciding what to put money on. Perhaps France to beat Spain (hehe, sorry martika :P) which is evens, or the safe (and bad odds) Holland to beat Yugoslavia (I;m sure that dont exist no more?!), :D i got until saturday to decide.

Since I got that hard house minidisk, i have just been itching to get back into a club, i really wanna go to mind over matter on sat, but i don’t think cheryl is up for it.

shame, i’m sure she will love it, and if not, there’s loads of topless blokes she can stare at all nite! :lol:

Talking of cheryl, i should be writing her card now, but i am just too knackered, will do it tomorrow at college so she can have it lunchtime (the card that is :P)

Now i shall retire, and check my student loan form, oh i hope i get accomidation…. grrrrrr…. :lol:

hurrah, go spain, go spain, go spain!

Thursday, June 22nd, 2000

YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! After a certain loss, Spain score in the 91st and 94th minute to beat Yugoslavia (i think!) 4-3, which means…

I WIN £25!!

Remember, because i bet on spain winning their group, thankyou thankyou thankyou! It was really tense (i switched on in the 86th min :)) but i knew they would do it! hurrah! next is holland vs yugo, i will bet holland to win methinks.

Anyway, today, well got in about 9ish and went straight into the office to put me feet up, then wandered around a bit, before finally deciding to go up to cisco :) :P
Then spent the rest of the day making patch cables (which i actually enjoyed) and teaching other people how to…

i’m sorry, i’m just too happy…. SPPPPPAAAAAIIIINNNN!!!! :D
hehe :) maybe i will be more calm tomorrow…. mrs m’s birthday, at least i got her a card :)
nighty nite…. :D oooo lee oo lee oo lee oo leee… YES!