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Knock Knock!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Went to MTV last night to watch another movie - we’ve now seen all the major ones in the horror section that we actually recognise, so having to now take gambles on whether one will be good or not.

After searching for a good 20 minutes, finally decided on “Knock Knock“, a supposed Saw type rip off (although this later turned out to be false - just some terrible translating by Ting-Ying!), which from the photos on the back cover, looked like it might be quite good.

How wrong could we be.

As soon as the move started, we wondered if they had actually put the right one on - the camera used to make this “action horror” seemed like it was make in the late 50’s - or at the very best, on one of those massive VHS camcorders from the early 1980’s. It was horrible and grainy, not seeming professional at all.

The first scene was promising though, a girl in tight sweatpants and a really high cut belly top walking around her house - at least there was a hope we would see her naked - however no, she was just murdered off within a few minutes (and it only lasted a second or two - as I missed it due to taking a sip of tea!)

The next scene then started the movie off downhill - we are subjected to watching a group of teens sit around talking in the most wooden way ever possible, you know like how when you try and deliberately act bad ….

Cue then the remaining 80 minutes or so, of the most badly acted movie ever, containing even more pointless moments seemingly just thrown in for the sake of it - rubbish murder scenes and massive continuity errors (group of kids eat at a diner late at night, walk home through a forrest, go running into middle of said forrest when it suddenly becomes daylight again …. I mean, come on!).

Really, this movie was so bad - it was actually hillarious - if they billed it as a comedy horror, I would be giving it almost a 10 star rating!

Anyway, the point of this post wasn’t to complain about a movie, it was to ask a question - and that is just this.

At which point in the lifecycle of a movie is it just too late to stop?

I mean, NO ONE who watching this movie back could have been proud of what they had done and even judging from the second scene, it was obvious the actors were terrible. So why was it made? I can’t believe it would have made enough money back to cover production unless everyone was duped into going to the premiere.

Or maybe I’ve just got my standards set too high - in which case I should go into the movie business myself … lol

At least, seeing as this is Taiwan, it only cost me £1.50 (and 60p for the popcorn) to see it - if I had paid UK cimena prices, I would be demanding my money back that’s for sure!