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Go to bed!

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

Hehe… I write to you now as once again Yumi has fallen asleep on my bed, and I don’t have the heart to wake her up just yet and send her back into the cold (its freeeezing outside) - I figured I might as well come back on here and write something, rather than just waste a load of time doing nothing.


So what did I do today, well, most of the day was spent updating the iNETFX site and working on the new server. I’m happy to say all is now complete - the main focus of my work today was to build a “server status” page, which updated with live information….. and all done :)
Click here to see it in action

So what does it do, well, just basically connects to all the server services and makes sure they are working. Also allows me to update the “urgent news” page in real time. The whole point is, this is a seperate machine to my normal one, so if there is trouble with machine one, it can be posted up here (machine 2) - without this method, any problems and people would just be left wondering … “whats happened!!!”.

So that took me quite a lot of the day, the rest of the time was spent planning Gowry’s new website and watching episodes of Family Guy.

I’ve now also managed to grab the whole of the movie “Kokurisan” - a supposed really scary J-Horror, so I might watch that tomorrow.

Also spent an hour or so on the phone to Gowry, who wasn’t in the best of moods, however this time - i wasn’t to blame :) So in a funny way it was really nice, just her letting off steam to me - made me feel like I had some worth again :) I miss her telling me everything, though she has promised to start calling me more - w00t!

An unfortunate side effect of things going right - something didn’t like my skin and I seem to have some nasty and painful spots on my neck - grrrrr….. i wonder if it’s the washing powder … hmm… hopefully they will be clear in a day or two though, so not too much of a worry….

Well, it seems Yumi isn’t going to budge as she has now wrapped herself up in the covers - so it’s the matteress in the front room for me … doh! It’s so cold, and we only had a little spare rug thing…. plus of course she is getting up at 6:00 to go catch her plane, thats 3 hours sleep then before I can get back in my own bed …. hurrah!


Reminds me (though I’m not sure why) - I really need to call Helen, miss her antics (though I now have two Japanese replacements - they’re about the same size too) - except actually, Helen never falls asleep - which is a shame as I think she would stay out of so much trouble if she did :) haha….

I’ve been waiting up all night for the call from home, but I think it’s got a bit late now - no one loves me :( - so sorry Uncle Jack that I didn’t get to say hello, but I need to get some sleep …..

Until next time - hey - be careful out there :p

i got a new job, woo hoo! :P

Tuesday, June 5th, 2001

cool, so i’ve now got a new job, well, my old job back really, except there are a few great changes. number one being i get paid double rate (yeah, like £10 an hour instead of £5), number two, i’ve managed to negeotiate the ‘ghekko’ contract, which is actually a lot more important than you may think.

last time i posted i think it was when gowry was staying over for the whole week (i took the week off work) and it was fantastic, so much so, that i miss her loads now (i’m in love god damn you! 8)) so when i was offered a fulltime job again, it was great, except it would mean i couldn’t see g on thursday nites.


so basically, i’ve made it so my contract is only 4.5 days a week, with friday morning off, so i can stay with g on thursday nites! woo hoo! :) oh, and three i only start at 9:30 hurrah!

what else been happening then, hmmmmm, got new speakers for the car, and they are quality, like serious quality, its gonna rattle when all the components are finally put in it :)
oh, and b4 i forget, i need to do a public apology to borka, who i missed going out with last nite, cause i forgot, I’M SORRY!!!! SORRY!!!!! SORRY!!!! :( :( but i know you will forgive me ;)
so yeah, here i am at my new/old? job sitting watching a computer room (i’ll try and sort the cam out again so you can see what it looks like) and basically getting on with my iNETFX stuff (this month we made £487!) this cc business is good!

neglected the group a bit recently (hi guys!) so will make more of an effort to see them, and try and save money in the meantime (i don’t know how, but i am broke again!)

neways, gotta put some posters up now, so need to split….. ciao….

lifes a bitch… and then you marry one :)

Friday, January 26th, 2001

wow, i haven’t posted any entries in this thing since like, before my holiday last year!! Whats been happening? Like, so damn much! oh

I’M 20! WOO HOO! :)
Erm, so as to keep a record, dropped out of uni after about an hour (maybe even an hour and a half if i push it :P) so am back working at adt, doing the like, web development and stuff.

Its alrite, i makes money i suppose. Which i need, cause i seem to be spending so much lately, damn girlfriends :) they need to be constantly given drinks! haha :P lucky i only see her at weekend then, otherwise i would be permanently broke :)
I am actually quite proud of myself, cause i have been working today, quite a bit actually and got loads of writing done on my prep sheets. Still got a day or so to finish them off, so that shouldn’t be too bad. No worries m8! :D
If I am gonna keep this thing up, I suppose I should put a few entries in like just for the record. So, at this present moment in time:

  • Me and Cheryl no longer go out (did we before??) but are now soulmates and still see each other (but not so much)
  • I now go out with Gowry (17th Jan) who will probably be mentioned quite a bit from now on
  • My current best friends are Ali, Haroon and Jamie
  • I’m currently on flexi hours @ £10 an hour
  • I still owe the student loan company £977 :D
  • I’ve now had 15 driving lessons, with my test in a week and a half
  • My first driving lesson was on the 1st December 2000
  • As soon as I pass, I intend to buy a Peugeot 306 XS (XSi if i can afford it) in metallic blue
  • iNETFX so far has made around £9000

I don’t think anything else has really been relevant.

I think though I am gonna move this diary, and then I can have a photo album and stuff cause i just got a Sony DSC-S50 from Argos :)
Wicked…. well, i better go work now, just thought it would be good to keep this up to date….

stressed seriously earlier, but am ok now :)

Wednesday, June 28th, 2000

What a day, have been the most stressed i have ever been in ages, but luckily all has been sorted out now.

Even though I went to sleep quite early last nite (about 11:30) i still woke up shit tired and not wanting to go anywhere, especially not work :P
Got ready really quickly and because the bike has been fixed up, i managed to get in on time. woo hoo!

Found out that 2020 are being real bastards about fixing some broken machines, cause basically they didn’t get the maintenence contract. Here’s how the story goes.

Last July, ADT were looking at getting a new computer provider, and going for 2020 Group. They provided a load of machines etc and all seemed to be well. However, the machines started to go wrong a lot, and then the maintenece was crap etc etc, so Zak decided ‘no we’ll use someone else’.

Right, so 2020 find out about this, and then become all friendly and the like, trying to win his mind back (as it were). However, he’s having none of it and this year, the contract goes to someone else. (June 1st this month).

Now, a machine (well 2) go down now, and seeing as they had 3 years onsite, we ring them up (2020 this is). NO, they are not onsite and need to be sent back. Bear in mind one of these is a server and this is NOT an option.

So we tell them this. ‘NO’ it was not onsite you had, so send them and we will fix them (yeah, like when??). We fetch out the invoice for when they were bought 3 years onsite - 8 hour response is says.

I ring them up (i hadn’t yet spoken to them) and talk to the head guy. Nonon, he says not onsite. I mention the invoice, ‘we even if they were, we have a week to do it’, i mention the 8 hour response, ‘i don’t believe this arrangement was made, can i see the invoice’.

Bloody cheek! calling me a liar basically! so anyway, we now await a response.

So that was most of the day, but in between there was quite a bit else going on, oh and why was i stressed?

Well, i have been waiting for some cheques from various people for a while, which have not yet arrived, and no word from them either. I then find out my email (company one) has been down since friday, so there may be loads of people that have been trying to get to me (this REALLY pissed me off).

Zak says Mark is coming in, so i cancel my lunch with cheryl, and rearrange with him (cause mark always pays and puts it as company expense :))

OK, to put it past me (email is sorted now) i go to lunch, with the intention of afterwards going to pay in my cheque i had been sent. I get to the cafe, and just want to check i have everything…


I frantically look for it, but just cannot find it. I then leave my lunch and run back to college, NO i cannot find it.

Then it hits me, i sent a letter earlier, oh no, it had better not be in there?!? I rush to the postroom, and luckily the mail has not yet gone, find the letter and, hurrah! that was damn lucky!

Back to the cafe then (all sweaty :eek:) and then to the bank to pay it in, before browsing around putney for a bit (well about an hour actually :)).

Mark never showed so i had to pay :( however, make note of price and get a receipt….

When i get back, i have olivers machine to config for him, it;s great, if i put enough stuff on it, he’ll give me a phree 7110 :) (you know, the matrix phones). Didn’t manage to finish it, so will do it tomorrow.

Club is an uneventful as usual, except i find out its Yolandas last day tomorrow, hmmm, maybe i should get her something, i never really paid much attention to her before :( Oh well, Staines ain’t too far.

Mark turns up with the new digital cameras, so give him the receipt and demand he pays it :) Sweet, cause he says OK :) hurrah! :D
Finally, its checking mail, sorting out zaks machine, and generally just playing music until 8, when i realise i should have left at 5 :) whoops! :rolleyes:
Quick stop off on the way home to see cheryl and to apologise for not being there for lunch. She says she’s gonna start going to the gym and get a belly button ring. Hmmm, she just wants to pull and lot in ibiza, and you know what you need the energy for …. ;)
On the way home I manage to reach incredible speeds on my bike, but get home totally f*cked up and out of breath, although i managed just over 2 miles in under 6 mins (with hills and stoppages in between :P)

Check mail here, fulfil any requests and setup my new domain account, which basically takes me up to now, oh i do love to read the newsgroups (they take up so much time… woo hoo!)

So once again, its good nite and godbless :)

starting to make dollar$

Friday, June 9th, 2000

yes, its true, since i advertised at a lower price, no less than 4 (with an unconfirmed 7) people have signed up and thats all in 2 days!!! Mad! :eek:
So have been quite busy all day, making sure the system is all up and running, getting the new user details in and generally trying not to panic!

Got a really good component for Delphi which allows me to output straight to a website via the CGI interface (basically so like could output a website!!) which is gonna be really handy, and should help boost my cred :D oh the joys of programming!

Zak says he can get the fully boxed version of Delphi, 5 Enterprise for me for phree, which i really hope he does, as it will seriously help me out at uni, but i dunno time will tell :)
Talking of Mr Malek, Mr MalIk still owes me that other £20, grrr…. oh and talking of college, Nisha is in a bit of bother after getting caught with some of my work, i hope i can get her out of it :( i really want her to come SouthBank next year… *cross fingers*

Had a lovely tea tonite, mmmmm, Fajitas, well done Cheryl! Oh and put £5 on Holland beating the Czech Republic on sunday, COOOMMEE OONNN YYOOUU ORRAANNGGEE!!! heheheh :lol:

Anyway, am dead excited about all this extra ca$h, so will leave now to go and run and jump about!

woo hoo! :D :lol: