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Memory loss

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

Well it’s got to the point, the blog is so far behind, that catching it all up has pretty much become an impossibility. I’ve decided therefore to cut my loses and start again from now.. otherwise, it would just slip and slip, and become not much use to anyone.

So, lets do a real quick summary of the weeks gone past…

The first weekend after Kyoto was also Yumi’s last night in Tokyo, so we went out to a new “all you can drink” place in Shimokitazawa. To cut a long story short, Shiho got absolutely wasted (she never drinks, remember!) and at one point it looked like we were going to have to take her home…. however, she pulled through and made it out to the Karaoke afterwards :)
So there you have it, bye bye Yumi - we shall miss you :p

The next weekend, it was decided that we would head out on Friday to Roppongi. After the usual “Hub” starter drinks, we headed to “Hideout” where we stayed until about 5am when it was decided we should check out “i-Louge” over the road (which had now changed it’s name to “Maxim”).

Entrance was 1000yen, however once inside and realising it actually played decent music (it was actually pretty banging, w00t!) - plus the fact you got a free drink, it didn’t seem so bad.

Seiko had now done a usual and got pretty smashed (so was propping up the bar) leaving me on my own to jump around manicly to the very good music. After a while, I was joined by a group of girls and, I guess due to the influx of alcohol inside me, suddenly had the confidence to start talking to them (in Japanese…. duh!) - I can’t remember the girl’s name, but she was originally from Thailand, spoke no English, but really liked the club.

I stayed talking with her for about an hour and a half, before, situations over at the bar meant I had to intervene. Seiko had managed to find herself not one, but TWO guys, who were intent on dragging her off home with them :eek: - I know she might have wanted this, but the fact she seemed to keep passing out on the bar and being propped back up by them, kinda suggested she didn’t know what she wanted!!!

A swift intervention later (which rather bizarely involved me shouting out “they are bad men, they are bad men” - which they could of course hear) and we had Seiko on the way home. Rather worryingly, not 10 minutes after we had left, I mentioned to Seiko that “you really need to be careful”, to which she replied “Why? What happened??” :eek: She wouldn’t believe me at all until I told her to check in her pocket where the guy’s phone number had been put!!

We got back to Wakabayashi station at about 9am (after taking a strange detour through a graveyard - much to the amusement of the gardener) when suddenly Seiko shouts out “Ah, I have work now!! I have to catch this train…” - and off she went!?!?!

Needless to say, we didn’t go out on Saturday night! :)
Monday after, Vanessa arrived - so we did the official “welcome to Japan” evening out, by taking her to Bochi Bochi (any excuse ;)) - she then left for Kyoto on the Tuesday, returning on the Saturday.

Friday night was Ryoko’s birthday, so once I had finished work, I headed off to Roppongi to meet up with her, seiko, shiho and toshi. No prizes for guessing our first point of call ;)
We did find this strange drunk guy though …. :D

Final stop was club “Vanilla”, a swanky place just up the road. It was a bit of fun and games at first though….

Clubs and bars here don’t have cloakrooms, but just lockers. This is generally a good idea, until you have a massive club, with no where near enough lockers to cater for everyone. So picture the scene, Saturday night in a really hot club with loads of coats and bags, but no lockers.

We stand around for a bit, before deciding this just isn’t going to work and we’re better off just holding on to everything, until suddenly a group of people standing around the lockers leave and suddenly some locker keys are glistening in the club light…..

Going on instinct, we charge for the lockers and not a moment too soon before suddenly all hell breaks lose and a huge crowd of people start rushing towards us. It was total carnage with everyone pushing a shoving everyone out the way to try and secure their locker!!! :eek:
Once all sorted, we headed to the R’n'B room, which had nice comfy sofas - where we actually just sat until the end of the night just chatting and having a good laugh :)

Once the club had come to an end, we headed to the Turkish restaurant to get some kebabs (and a bottle of wine ;)) - before, at about 8am or so, heading back home to get some rest in ready for the night ahead… (and Vanessa’s return…)

Hurrah for hire purchase!!

Monday, December 12th, 2005

woot.. something else i can claim a first to, buying something on interest free credit :) speaker and mixer now ordered, coming in at a total of about £300 (so £30 a month, not the £20 i told you mum) - much easier to manage :) so now i’m dead excited and the thought has cheered me up no end :)
May I introduce to you the Alesis M1 Active, 100watt RMS of pure music playing ability :)

And finally the new - just released - Vestax VMC-002XL in special edition white


Hopefully arriving within 4 days or so, in time for next weekend :)
So last night, well, i’m quite starting to like saturdays now. Each week when Seiko returns she cooks something new (and delicious) so at least on Saturday nights I will always be sure to get a good meal :D
We then made the usual trip to our favourite place (lol) Roppongi and of course started off in Hub. They had some new christmas cocktails on offer (not sure what was in them, but they tasted very nice) so we ordered a few of these. Not sure how we discovered this (I reckon we must have just been button bashing) but the jukebox was on free play, which meant we were able to supply the other patrons of Hub with as much Bon Jovi music as the machine would put out ;)
Now I know you guys look at this and just see every weekend we go the same place. Well, Seiko and I are painfully aware of this too, so decided this time to make an effort to go a new place ‘I-Lounge’ which opens at 3am. (hence the Hub to pass the time).

I must admit, i was actually quite excited as 1) it was new, and 2) it was supposed to be a trance bar - so we both had quite high hopes. First impressions were good, the place was very nice inside indeed - erm, except there was one problem - no one was there!?!?

Luckily the barman was very friendly and kept us entertained for the time we spent there - it would have just been nice if more people had turned up :) On the plus side, i now have another place i can go and dj at if i want to, so perhaps just us being there was a good thing. (as we wouldn’t have got to chat with the manager if it had been busy).

It had now got to about 4:20am or so, and knowing i would be hungry, it was time to go so we could get food and be in time to catch first train. Unfortunately, I think Seiko had now just passed her drinking boundary as she had fallen asleep on the bar…


However, a bit of a proding later and she was able to stumble along with me to the kebab shop :D - where she then promptly fell back to sleep (though i didn’t mind so much as it meant she didn’t eat all my chips like she usually does… haha) - leaving to catch the train wasn’t so easy though as by this time she was properly sparko and it took a lot of persuassion to wake her back up :)
The actually train journey back was the usual amusing affair, with her collapsed in my arms (though this time with me monitoring carefully to make sure she didn’t throw up on my coat :D)

At Sangenjaya, i wanted to make a quite stop in McDonalds (gotta love the S+E muffins) - by which time Seiko had decided she didn’t want to walk back - but to get a taxi instead. I would usually tell her this is a waste of money, but then, it was very cold and she was offering to pay so it seemed like a good thing to do.

Now my favourite bit of the story:

So we’re in the taxi and off we go, except Seiko then falls back to sleep again. Well, due to my slightly intoxicated state and feeling quite confident, it seemed like a good chance to practise some Japanese (make those classes be worth something!) - so it began….

Ok, so it wasn’t the most advanced of Japanese (straight ahead please, at the next corner - turn right, stop in front of that building etc…) but using my new found knowledge i was able to direct the taxi all the way home and to stop it in front of our door (without using *any* hand guestures!!) - w000000t! go me!!! :D
It’s little things like this that make me happy i am studying and out here - i know it sounds stupid - but it feels like a great achievement to me, i haven’t learnt anything for years - so now, it’s like a lot more of a big deal :D
So let’s see, i can direct taxis, or stuff in a restaurant (properly up to 5 items… then my counters get a bit squiffy), ask for directions and tell people they are a “stupid f**king idiot” :D - progress!!!

Ah I should also point out, the photo shoot has me wearing glasses. Special “no lens” glasses to be exact, which apparently make me look smart (or something….)

I’d better get back to the books now, bed in 4 hours :eek:

sunnyside @crash is no more :(

Monday, May 29th, 2000

well, i know i said i wouldn’t be back until 5 this morning, but there was a little change of plan and i didn’t go to frantic, here’s why:

i got to sunny’s at FOUR eventually after waiting around in mcdonalds car park for 40 minutes waiting for jamie to turn up :( anyway, we went straight to vauxhall and into the club….

WOW! like how many people are in here?!? it was totally packed with absolutely no room to move let alone throw your arms around with lightsticks?!?

This was quite a bugger, and i couldn’t really enjoy myself too much, as every time i got into the swing of the music, someone would walk (well squash) past and i would have to stop…

Then, some bloke seemed to get a fascination with me ’sticks and wouldnt’ leave me alone until he could borrow them, i let him and he then went off with them!! It took about 30 mins to get them back :) and that was only cause he had pulled and was getting off with some bird!

Thats not to say everyones a bastard though, one chap who borrowed them was cool and was really practised at them, i was dead impressed.

Anyway, when it ended at 9:30, i was no longer in the mood for more (combined with the fact my legs were almost dead) so i got the bus back to clapham and met cheryl for a kebab. We did have the intention of going to the pub, but unfortunately they were all shut (even though its bank holiday!!) so i just walked her home, picked up my bike, and now i am here :)
All in all, an… ummm, INTERESTING day!! although next week it should be a lot better, somewhere else to go which shouldn’t be so crowded……

nite, nite :P