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eyes hurt, brain hurts, but very happy :)

Tuesday, July 4th, 2000

yes! you did read the top bar correctly :) I DID SOME WORK! AND I EVEN WORKED QUITE HARD!! :D
You see, now that the college have got a replacement for next year (and although he is a really great bloke) i now realise i must start putting more effort into my remaining time there.

Now, my master plan is simple, install as many crucial systems as possible, making them so complicated only i understand how they work :) meaning they HAVE to employ me, hahahahaha!

So today, well, morning stuff was just pissing about, but after 12′o’clock i set to work, to convert the iMAIL system to be internet based.

After printing off all the documentation, i must admit i was really daunted on how i was ever going to do this, it was going to take longer than i thought :( However, things were made a lot simpler when i realised most of the commands were already entered in the default templates, so i just needed to make a few modifications and get the look a LOT better :D
Anyway, 3 1/2 hours and 350(ish) files modified/written later, i almost had my finished product. Now i need to iron out a few bugs and get a better ‘generic’ look (which i’ll submit for the imail gallery) and then make it a lost more ADT’y, if you try within the next week or so (probably shorter) you can test it out… login as TEST:TEST and tell me what you think!

This is good, as hopefully i can make it a bit more complicated so no one else understands it which will DEFINATELLY get more the job here next year, now just how to work out which domains the students will get, perhaps, it looks ok(ish!!) :D
Yeah man, it supports everything (oh but incoming don#t yet work :D) autoresponders, the lot!

After college, went around to cheryl’s to chill until my food was ready, so was basically sitting on the sofa the whole time until….

mrs m shouts something from the kitchen, so we go down to see whats up, ‘there’s something in the rice packet!!!’ she says, so me and marc carefully open it up… it fucking stinks, some massive black squashy thing with what looks like sick in it :( this is microwave rice remember :( eurgh! It stinks to high heaven and almost makes me throw…

So its off to Sainsburys to take it back, they say they will analyse it… hmmm, i bet its a dead possum or summit :( gengar has been hungry recently :D :lol:

I am really trying to cut down on my computing time now, my head hurts and i’m tired… hmph, never mind, more email to work on tomorrow! woo hoo! i luv work, yeah, but only somtimes ;)

i am now starting out in the real world :D cisco here i come

Monday, June 19th, 2000

well, today has been quite eventful (eventually) as i have been the cisco technician for the training going on here. Basically, i sit in the room making sure all the computers are running ok, showing people about peer2peer networking, and screwing up how to plug in network cards :D
Got a message today from Martika, seems she is back and well…

Hey there Martika!!

Anyay, yesterday was a lazy enough day, up at 11 to get ready for fathers day. Was a bit pissed off cause i had stayed up to watch the ‘lusty latina’s’ on tv until around 2am :D Still trying to work out the definition of ‘latina’, oh and btw, it wasn’t a porn flick :) just tasteful topless :D :lol:

We went over the common to the pub there for a meal for dads’ fathers day thing, where the food was nice, beef, but WAAAAAAAAAY too much vegetables :) I left most cause i hate em! Even the waitress said ‘oh be a good boy and eat all your greens’ hehehe…. maybe just for her ;) :P
After this, me and tom went down clapham junction to try and find a frisbee, not such a hard task you would think…. WRONG!

We spent around half an hour going through all the shops, but jsut couldn’t find one, so in the end had to plump for scatch (which didnt even stick :().

Anyway, it was soooooo hot, and on the way up to the common we started to regret the idea, especially when we say cheryl and marc hadn’t brought the water (although she did redeem herself by getting one from the garage). Once on the common in the shade though, i was happy :D
There was a group of, hmm, 12 year olds up in the dog free zone, who seemed to be having the most violent game of footie i’ve ever seen, they even turned on tom and marc for a mass rumble (i stayed well clear :)) and we ended up playing with them for a bit.

Got home at about 7 to fix my bike tyre, well put a new one on, but had to go at about 7:40 with haroon to try and fix someones computer (which in the end took 3 hours, but did earn me £20… woo hoo!) so got home at about 10:40 (ish) missing my shower, but with the smell of food in the air, who am i to complain :)
Sleep, pah! Was watching tv until about 12:40 (i know, i know) so finally got off a bit later than that. Any more, and i will die of the heat, if i remember anything, i’ll tell u later….

nothing ever happens to me :( I WANT MORE ACTION!!! :lol:

i know i haven’t written for a week, so sue me :P

Sunday, June 18th, 2000

Heya there people, I’m sorry I haven;t been posting so regular, just been getting too tired and not feeling like doing it so much, am thinking i am no good at this kinda stuff any more, but i must start getting back into it :)
OK, i’ll try to write what happened each day, just to try and give you my weekly picture…. :eek:
Hmmm, a week ago almost, sugar, hard to remember. Well, i must have done something, but i’ll be damned if i can remember just what… hahahahaha!

Ah, today was the day we decided to convert to using a DHCP server instead of manually giving out IP address’s to each computer. Spent quite a bit of the day investigating into which one would be the best (it only turned out later that Windows NT has one built in… doh!) but eventually plonked for one by Vicomsoft. Was fascinated by how it worked, so my day at work went quite quickly, then work ended…..

Marc finished maybe his last ever day at school today, so we decided to celebrate (cause mrs m was out) with a bit of a drinking competition, with (as usual) cheryl deciding not to participate. Things were actually going pretty well for a 15 year old and a 19 year old with no food, but it actually turned pretty nasty when we both started to feel ill, and ended up with marc in bed and me wrapped around the toilet :)
I don’t remember too much, but i do know mrs m was dead angry when she came in, and insisted i go home, which i did (admittedly 40 mins later :P). Cheryl says me and marc were all saying we loved each other and stuff, i dunno, i cannot remember :) ANyway, dad picked me up, and i pretty much fell asleep after a 40 MIN (hehehe, soo sloooow) shower when i got home.

Feeling pretty awful from night before, but had to eat a biscuit in the morning so i could take tablets :( Had left bike at cheryls, so had to get the bus in. Late, (but then what did you expect) and wasn’t feeling too good when i finally did get in.

Zak decided the dhcp server was great and sent of the purchase order to register it, the key arrived, as did the new version via email. Which was great, except it didn’t work, it just kept crashing all the machines. :(
Worked on it for the rest of the day (even late for cisco) problem was NT takes soo long to reboot, it just slows everything down. Finally sorted it by removing the software and installing one by a different company :D
Mark Reid (from centerprise) took us all out for lunch, which i (somehow) managed to eat, so that saved me a few quid, woo hoo!

Cisco was ok, had to do exams, so cheated and got 100% :D
Got in to the nice suprise that the dhcp server was actually working (woo hoo :)) and got onto the phone to tctrust to get some ip’s unfiltered (so we can all surf the porn sites :D JOKE!!! :P) This will be done soon, so i am happy, even better though, is we can now run a webserver from college, meaning i can move my hosting over, hahahah, like that would work :) Nothing much else to report.

Nothing much in the morning, just going around finding all the machines to change their ip addresses, and pretty much nothing else up to lunch. After lunch i had to go down to PoundLand to buy new headphones for the IT dept (hahah, don’t you dare laugh!) two ducks from mcd’s for zak (well armaan really) and a box of choc’s for avril (from christine), oh and to pay my cheques into the bank!

Got back and had to get straight to work on the new computers to be sorted by the end of the day (4:45). However, Derrick got frustrated when they weren’t done in time, and basically just went home?!? Zak and I were there until 7pm making sure they were all ok for the big cisco conf this monday. He wasn’t very happy, but i guess we’ll see what happens on monday :D (the derrick thing i mean).

Ahh today (well just a bit of yesterday) got woken up at 10 by dad doing diy next door, i am getting really pissed off by this, i can never lie in on the w/e and am feeling rottern all day. However, finally got out at around 4 (after watching muchos tv :D) to go and take marcs airgun back. Aparently it just needed a clean though, so we went off down c/j to get dads fathers day present for tomorrow (oh and his card also) before going back to cheryls.

Ordered a chinese (sorry wilbur, not yours!!) and settled down to watch the England vs Germany match (england hadn’t won for 34 years in a competition match v them) and guess what…..

WE WON!!!!!!

Hurrah! Except i forgot to put the bet on (again) so didnt advance my winnings :D Watched a bit more tv after this and then walked home.

Actually a load more happened today, but i am really REALLY tired now and just want to go to bed, i’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

Just been told i need to be up by 12… bollox :(
ANyway, i’ll be more awake tomorrow, so c u then! :D :)
Signing out…… eof… coolfusion

so, my first correct bet :)

Monday, June 12th, 2000

YES! holland beat the czech republic (admittely only just) and this means i win £3.33 :D Yeah, not a lot I know, but now i can put it all on england tomorrow and win back (well hopefully) £10 on top! hurrah!

So, what have I been doing then, seeing as I haven’t posted since friday.

Well, friday night, hmmm, what did happen, ah yes, I went to see Gary (me old mate) and was dead suprised when his family actually remembered me! Which was really good, nice to see him again. I originally went round to fix his computer, but the motherboard was gone, so had to spend 2 hours, yes TWO WHOLE HOURS on the phone to tech support before they would admit this and come replace it :(
Anyway, after this we played a bit of Super Smash Bros, a most excellent game on the n64, using his, what can only be described as MAMOUTH 36″ dolby tv :) he has a nice stereo as well, some souped up kenwood thing with dolby (naturally ;))

Saturday, hmmm, got up late I seem to remember, processed some new accounts (money is rooooolling in :D) and rang up mr james. unfortunately, he wasn’t going out (although i kinda already knew this) so i had to try and persuade cheryl to go to x-static… would she, nope :( He promises he will be out next week end though, hurrah! :)
Went round cheryls and played quite a bit of catch and stuff in the garden with marc, until mrs m got all angry, so we got scared and hid :) (well, just until she’d gone :D) but mainly it was a lazy day. Went home late waving me arms around and stuff to the tunez on me md :lol:

Today was even more relaxed! Woke up at about 10:30, sleep again until 11:00, tv until 11:30, power cut out so shower wouldn’t work so more tv until about 12:50!! FInally got a shower (our shower generator needs electricity you see, and with dad constantly doing electric things, it keeps tripping :D) at about 1:00 :(
Went to Merton Abbey Mills to get some lunch (it is SOOOO worth it) which was really nice, food was absolutely pukka, some chicked stuff with lemon and soy sauce :)
Was really tired though, and we didn’t stay long, so i went over to cheryl’s to watch the football. However it seemed like i wouldn’t be there long as she got in a strop about me eyeing up some women at merton (but they were very nice :D ;)), this things gonna take time :(
Made peace a bit later, but i still think that now we split, i should be able to look, yeah, i still love her and everything (which she doesn’t believe :() but there are pretty women just begging to be looked at ;)
Anywayz, football was good (hurrah!) and went on until about 9:45, which was when i had to leave, get a burger from the petrol station and walk home…..

here now, had shower and ready to go to beddie byez :)
nite nite, lets hope tomorrow i can win even more :D

sorry people, not much time

Thursday, June 8th, 2000

I can’t write much as Jamie has sent me this excellent cd which i need to put on md for tomorrow via my computer.

Guess what, i finally got my £20 back from Zak today after about 3/4 months of waiting!!! I am now back in the money, woo hoo!

Also, I paid myself via the company :) £35 which i feel is well deserved, and that was from wilbur incase you didn’t know :D
Felt sooooo tired (as i think i said) and was no way i could face cisco, so went to cheryl’s house to rest :P It was really good, very nice nite, there was some program on tv about nudist camps :):) they were all old though :(:( although there was some miss nudist camp award, the winner wasn’t old :D woo hoo!

Played in the garden with marc for a bit, got this new game where we just chuck things from the balcony and one of us is below to catch it :) I know it sounds a bit childish, but very good fun…. hehehe :rolleyes: ’says cheryl!’

Downloaded all the club info for ibiza, it is gonna be COOL! have planned the whole two weeks :) not too sure if it’s all ok with cheryl though, oh well, she’s gonna have to lump it ;) (joking!) :P
Anyway, like i said, must dash, important music to copy!!!

one step beyond………… party ppl!