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now i am truely mobile!

Sunday, July 16th, 2000

so, where am i then? well i’m in me front room typing away on me new (well i guess company) laptop just purchased. got a really good deal on it, p400 celeron, 64meg, 4.8gig disk and sound etc for only £300, and all charged as profits to the company.

because of this, i missed the staff bbq, but instead set this up all nicely and it runs like an absolute dream, much faster than my one upstairs!

Anyway, can’t type cause watching carry on behind, quite amusing :) going to see mission impossible 2 later on, maybe i’ll drink, but would rather go and see cheryl, except shes out partying again.

i am getting really screwed up recently, things are not going like our split up was to be planned…. nevermind, i’m sure things will sort themselves out. :(
signing out, i’ll write a film review later on, see what i think of it :)