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Oversleeping … whoops!

Wednesday, April 7th, 2004

Well we mucked that one up :) Instead of getting up at 9 or so when we were supposed to, managed to oversleep and get up at 4pm… DOH! A bit more productive than usual just wasting time though and wrote the guestbook and cleaned up a bit of code.

So yeah, sign it if you haven’;t already. Fired off another email to Bonnie requesting this stupid graphics library to be installed. This will allow you guys to view the photo galleries without having to wait 5 hours for everyphoto!! Should bring the time down to a few seconds… but alas, after 2 weeks of mailing back and forth, it still hasn’t been done… grrrr… want to get some business cards done to hand out to people, but can’t cause the bandwidth would shoot through the roof.

Got credit card statement today… EEK! Seems exchange rate has dropped again, my camera gave me 183 yen to the pound, taking the cost up to £280.. mew! Woudl;n’#t have paid that much for it… bit depressing… bah! :(

Ok then, today, well we decided to go Akihabara to try and get Justins clock. Went out for some food first, suprise suprise clash :) J went to the nasty smelling noodle place, i opted for the cool cafe round the corner that does chicken curry for £2 :)

Got to Akihabara a bit late, so most shops shut, only things left open were the arcades and the adult shops… they are amazing! 6 or more floors just of dvd’s, books, clothing (loads of different outfits, not all tacky ones like england) and … wait for it…. packets of used girls/womens clothing, with a photo of authenticity!!! Used schoolgirl knickers are 1000yen (about a fiver) … might be interesting to try and explain to customs :)

They have some dodgy stuff here though, underage girls seem to feature a lot (and we are talking proper underage… there was a video of a nine year old :eugh:), scatt films (if you dont know what they are, you dont want to… lets just say you had a curry the night before and then mistake your girlfriend for a toilet :( :( :( ) - theres lots of stuff for normal people too though, so it’s not all freaky!! Lol…

Back to the arcades as per usual to spend way to much money winning absolutely nothing… pah! they are just too damn addictive :) Then home at about 12am for another stop of food and back here… to be typing now.

Not going to make same mistake as yesterday… gonna split now. Gotta do a bit of washing so clothes ready for tomorrow, then bed early ready for Kyoto tomorrow :) yay!