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Tough day

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

Today I was on a help shift - which meant instead of working at my usual school, i had to go to “Shibuya Honko” to cover for an absent member of staff… oh my god, i never want to go there again - it must be the busiest place in the whole world, not a chance to even catch a breath :(
Earlier on, i had to go and switch plane flights as i decided i want a definate time, rather than a random open ended. Problem was, the branch i went to, wasn’t the branch i originally booked at - and they wouldn’t let me book a new flight until i had cancelled the old one. No problem you might think, except they don’t speak english. The staff at the branch i went to also claimed they could not cancel the flight on my behalf - rather crazy and tbh, quite annoying.

In the end one of the people at Nova rang for me = but it still seems really strange that it couldn’t be done in the store. They claimed the reason was i had to personally call - despite the fact they knew i couldn’t and it would be a friend…. ah well, i digress…

So new flight half booked - i say half as i then hit stumbling block 2. this company don’t accept credit card as a method of payment?!?! so i couldn’t pay for it - luckily i get paid tomorrow, so i can use my rent money to cover the flight. this was all luck though, if i didn’t have access to this money i would be stuffed.

It’s really weird, but you would think everything would be all advanced out here, but so many places don’t take credit card….. i just don’t get it …. so many things here are all “back in time” (don’t get me started on medical care …. ;))

Anyway, i’ve got a big japanese test coming up soon, so i’m actually starting to study a bit more now. i’m also going to try and drink more fruit juice as i fear my skin is really starting to suffer. I’ve only just come out the shower but already i am as dry as anything… strange as i have special dove moisturiser shower gel stuff.

Apart from this, not too much to report. Shiho has gone AWOL and Seiko has gone to Osaka to see her boyfriend. In the interim, Yumi has been over to translate emails to and from the electronics shop and the table company, so by Friday i should have a desk and something to put on it :) yay! I didn’t get a chair (not enough cash) - but can steal Seiko’s while she’s out (most of the time) until i can raise the money to get a nice (but cheap) one. Infact, i might still be able to sit on my bed and use it, not quite sure how high it is… we shall see… :D
So plan tomorrow, to Shibuya in the morning to pay for flight, then if time, to school to take my exam then back home to pick up the table which should be arriving around 1pm or so (though i haven’t had a mail back yet … hmm…)

Friday is a much easier day, school in morning then a little training session at Nova so finishing at 5. Then home to take delivery of the speakers, ready for a good loud mixing session on saturday - i’m sure the neighbours can hardly wait … muhahahah! :)