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yes i know, same old story, i lose again :(

June 13th, 2000

So, portugal vs england, i win £20 if england win, lose £10 if they don’t…. they flippin’ lose!! :( This is dreadful, as I have only won one bet to date, and that was only £3.33!!

I have a plan though to get some extra cash from, which i will put into action tomorrow, then maybe i can win some of it back… woo hoo! :)
Anyway, today was not too exciting, i paid in my cheques and everything, bought some tape measures :) and general just lazed about, what a great day :D
Did speak to the guy who is supposed to be taking my job next year, seems i didn’t sell it too well as now he don’t want it, and instead is gonna go straight to uni :D hahahah :lol:

Anyway, need food now, so going to eat, but mark my works, I WILL WIN SOMEDAY!!! :D :lol:

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