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DAY 6 (Harajuko, Iberaki)

April 5th, 2004

Posted by Justin

day 6 was my birthday! since we got home at 8am from ropongi, we woke up around 2am… damnit

I decided to walk down to Harajuko to buy some clothes and then headed out of Tokyo to Iberaki around 8:30pm. I forgot my phone which was such a pain!

Went to Chiraki’s house and her mum bought me the latest Utada CD. Really good!!
Also recieved a hello kitty stuffed toy from Chiraki.

Proceeded to a traditional jap restaurant (don’t know the name but the sign is in the gallery) Had some very nice and interesting food washed down with many exotic cocktails. The Raw Wasabi Octopus wish was soooo delicious. It’s got to be my favourite.

After dinner we proceeded to a 24 hour karoke bar. Sang our hearts out till 5am. Tdu is a really good singer, a PRO. But towards the end he decided to sing the bon jovi hit but the chorus was just too high, major voice breaking - frickin funny, we have it recorded and should be available to download as soon in the movie section.

Chiakiy and Mitceco sang utada/ayumi/ in contrast, ben and I sang Outkast, Blue(argh), oasis, rhcp’s, etc all good fun.

Left the karoke at 5am - watched the sunrise and cruised around a bit.
Headed back to Tokyo around 6am.

Got on the EXPRESS train to Nipori by accident - the fee should be almost double. The conductor could speek good english and tried to tell us we had to buy a premium ticket but we acted really really r-e-a-l-l-y dumb!

It was hilarious! ‘passport??? do we need a passport??, we have ticket,’

The conductor spent 30 minutes trying to explain and got all of his other friends to try and expain… they did a good job! but we did an even better one. GOT AWAY WITH IT.

Got back to yoyohgi station just before 8am. I went to the local noodle bar and ordered udon. I’m a pro now! getting into the routine. Ben says he hates the bars… “it’s the smell”. It must be the MISU. Delicious!!!

Got home, phoned becks and co. oh and the folks. Did a bit of jounal and went to sleep at 11am - needed to wake up at 2pm to fetch Chiakiy at the station.

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