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April 5th, 2004

Posted by Justin

It rained all day today. I was so looking forwards to the Sakura party at yoyogi park but it had to rain. could have done with a game of footie. argh!

Spent most of the day indoors, Sat in the kitchen watching MTV Japan while learning some jap and caught up on my stuff. Dave(who also lives upstairs) said he tried fish sperm. I’ve been told directions to try out, raw horse meet, fish eye balls, pregnant fish,

Was also told to try out the TSUKIJI FISH MARKET - need to be there at 5am to see 10 foot long tuna being killed and sliced up. Then eat it on the spot - you don’t get fresher than that!

George taught me to say: ‘I’ll gave 3 beers please and do you know how to teleport?’
supposed to though the bar tender right off haha. sounds damn cool, but i’ve forgotten.

Had sushi and more sushi, across the road - too lazy to find other restaurants. Shima should be arriving in tokyo tomorrow, should be meeting up with her soon. Planning to go to kyoto on tuesday - see what the weather is like.
I hope it’s sunny tomorrow….

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