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The estate agents…

December 21st, 2005
Listening To  Vanessa Mae - Toccata And Fugue In D Minor
Feeling  Hopeful

So today I decided I would go and have a look, see what is available and all - there’s quite a lot of nice places around Shimo, but maybe a little out of price range (say £400-£450 instead of £350)

Had a better idea, though haven’t had a chance to put it across to the girls.

As I never use the front room, it’s really just being wasted space (except to cook, but that’s only like once a day, so hardly a big deal) - I’m going to suggest I swap rooms with Seiko and they can just have the front room to put all their stuff in.

I can’t afford to pay any extra, but maybe this is the fairer solution. I only spent time in my room anyway, so it’s not like I will miss out on anything. It also means I won’t have the kitchen in my room, nor will the shower be smack next to my head (the shower room has the laundry room inbetween it and Seikos room) ….

It seems like an ideal solution, and Shimpei says it seems fair - I just hope she won’t mind about the money situation? But then, they watch TV and stuff so it’s not like they won’t use the room…..

Good idea? Or is it asking too much y’think?

It would just be so good to sort this whole housing situation out and then i think everything will be coming along really well…..

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