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May 16th, 2001

Ok, so it works and as far as i can tell it works with no problems, so i’m now free to GET ON WITH IT!

well, today, lazy day, went to mcd’s for lunch, got one of those new chicken tandori things as they ain’t got no tom or mayo on them! hurrah, and sat in the sun and ate it.

at work there was nothing to do, so i just ordered stuff off the net :) oh, and about a 10 line chat with bonnie ;) (ha! i mentioned you!)

pretty crap at work actually, anyway, went to see cheryl and marc after work, watched tv, ate kfc (again, no sauce!) and generally chilled out, before leaving to come home and finish working on the rest of this.

TIRED TIRED TIRED! i am whacked, but i bet i can’t sleep, grrrrrrrr…. anyway, before i write too much boring crap, i’m gonna go.

BYE :)

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