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Marble Floor + Winter = BAD

November 23rd, 2007
Feeling  Absolutely Freezing :(

Yes, it’s official - I’ve decided that it’s really not good to live in a marble floored apartment in the middle of winter.

Sitting at my computer is now just painful, I’ve actually had to put pillows on the floor so my feet don’t get too cold! Even this only works for an hour or so though until it’s just too unbearable again - I really wish I hadn’t sent my slippers back home!

The other thing of course means the whole room in general is just cold cold cold! Went to buy a heater yesterday but they weren’t coming in any cheaper than £30. I’m only here for 3 more weeks, so no way I’m shelling out that much - though Victor saw a place near Taipei Main Station which apparently has them for £15, will go there later.

However until the unit is actually in my room, spreading its warmth and love - I shall continue to work from my bed, periodically blowing my nose to try and clear this stinking cold I have now aquired…. bah!

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