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i earned my money :)

Thursday, July 12th, 2001

yeah, i finally got the run of the systems today and have been implementing many new systems which makes life here sooooo much better :) we now got our own internal dns (woop woop!) i wish i’d tried that earlier and also the new dhcp is fully up and running.

i deserve a medal for what i’ve done…. too bad i wont get one :( ;)
got my confirmation letter today from the travel people, so its all set, plane times check out and everything, so no quarms there. just gotta wait the, erm, 51 days until we go and then hoooo zaaaa!

i’ve been watching the rapture ibiza as it happens and its looking good, got my club guide and stuff, just need to get the drugs that will make gowry want to go :) (jk!)

installed win mil on the machine here to take back home, so i should be back up and running on the internal network as of tonite, although it hasn’t caused too many problems, just not been able to preview the website.

gym tonite, woo hoo! i been starting to like it again after i noticed it was making me more tough :D hehe, well i can lift more weight anyway :) i think i’m gonna go the clapham one, cause of the jacuzzi, although i’m not sure if there are many parking spaces outside, nah, balham will do, i don’t need to jacuzzi anyway, its just for wimps :)
so here i sit, uni applications all done and everything like that, just need to get my loan form off and then i can start rich, and hopefully stay :)
so long sukkaz!