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i cannot remember what i’ve already said!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2001

hmm, just need to read up on what i’ve already said…. ahah! nothing :openmouth:, so whats been going on this week?

well yesterday was mine and gow’s (or is that gow and my?) 6 month anniversary, so i obviously had to do something special for her or she would kill me :eek:!

we had planned to go starlight express at victoria, but it was always going to be tight as i needed to go to kingston to get her present off shima (thanks shima if you are reading!!!) which was some bag she liked (i’m crap at this sorta thing, i would have much prefered a nike holdal :)) and a ted and stuff, and by the time that was done, it got to peak traffic to hampton time, so i got there kinda late!

although she didn’t have to get to annoyed about it :mad: cause it was all for her! :P so in the end we went out to a restaurant instead (i had decided to dress up :)), the blue pumpkin in putney, which (despite costing an arm and a leg!) was most delicious :cool: and it was well worth it, just to look at gowry looking so beautiful opposite me :)
i did mention i am in love rite? :lol: 8) ;) :thumbup:

anyway, what else… hmm, erm, friday we were going to go to kingston to go litten tree or whetherspoons (i was late again tho cause i had to go to cheryls to get driving license, and stayed a while chatting) so in the end, after waiting for a non existent bus we decided to stay in and get a pizza :) we then also discovered that cranbewrry (well i did) and vodka is the nicest drink in the whole world and the cranberry takes the taste of vodka away :) hurrah! 8)
saturday gowry had to go to hospital to see her mum, so i went home and mixed, although no one was in so i was a bit upset, despite the fact it went quite well :) and waited for gowry to call, but it got late, so we couldn’t go to the party (seymour or summit had a tab in battersea) so yeah, we stayed in and drunk again :) (i got some more cranberry!) hahahaha :lol:

sunday, now sunday, this was an eventful day! it was christines leaving party (she is going to gambia for 2 years) and was having a barbeque to like say goodbye :) it was a normal adult affair, made better as zak and wife (and of course gowry) were there, so it was quite enjoyable, (especially the food! mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm!) and so was the wine…

now, wine, whats the story? well, anyone that knows me and my social gatherings will know that if i go somewhere with free wine, i make the most of it….. and so we did :D
so basically, for 5 (even 6?) hours we drank. and we drank and drank and drank and got extrememly drunk :openmouth: which was cool, and had a great time :) we even managed to get home ok! hehehehe

next morning however, problem, i was still drunk so couldn’t drive! haha, i had to keep going back to sleep until i sobered up and then drink coffee and sit in the bath and stuff, until finally i could drive in :)
everyone was digging me at work though, which i though was very unfair as i was fine :) not hungover (much) at all :lol:

anyway, have to finish late, someone needs the machine…. ta ta!

i earned my money :)

Thursday, July 12th, 2001

yeah, i finally got the run of the systems today and have been implementing many new systems which makes life here sooooo much better :) we now got our own internal dns (woop woop!) i wish i’d tried that earlier and also the new dhcp is fully up and running.

i deserve a medal for what i’ve done…. too bad i wont get one :( ;)
got my confirmation letter today from the travel people, so its all set, plane times check out and everything, so no quarms there. just gotta wait the, erm, 51 days until we go and then hoooo zaaaa!

i’ve been watching the rapture ibiza as it happens and its looking good, got my club guide and stuff, just need to get the drugs that will make gowry want to go :) (jk!)

installed win mil on the machine here to take back home, so i should be back up and running on the internal network as of tonite, although it hasn’t caused too many problems, just not been able to preview the website.

gym tonite, woo hoo! i been starting to like it again after i noticed it was making me more tough :D hehe, well i can lift more weight anyway :) i think i’m gonna go the clapham one, cause of the jacuzzi, although i’m not sure if there are many parking spaces outside, nah, balham will do, i don’t need to jacuzzi anyway, its just for wimps :)
so here i sit, uni applications all done and everything like that, just need to get my loan form off and then i can start rich, and hopefully stay :)
so long sukkaz!

if i could sleep, i would!

Monday, July 9th, 2001

pah! made the mistake of staying up ’til 2 last night, whoops, looks like my poor little body needs at least 100 hours sleep or summit to stay healthy :)
they put air conditioners in my room on thursday (yeah!) so its not so hot in here anymore (combined with the fact that the sun don’t shine no more :)) and i even have an extra fan on my desk! :P
friday was great, we went to kingston to celebrate booking the holiday (yeah! its booked paid for signed sealed all the rest of it, 31st august if you’re interested) so i was in a really good mood when i left work (and of course as i was gonna see ghekko:!:). we decided to go the tun (cause we are poor) but the git at the door wouldn’t let us in (well he would gow cause she had id) but me being 20 i don’t carry it no more, :( anyway, didn’t have the same problem at the litten tree, so we went there. (which was infinately more fun anyway, and they had the tennis on!)

saturday we were meant to get up early and go my house (’rents away so whole house to self) but we didn’t we just slept in so got home at about 5. we then had to be ready to go out for 8 (i think) which is a hard task, however we had bought drink at home, so we could save money when we were out…….. one bottle of vodka later and 2 bottle of well cheap cider (49p :) but 7.5%) i cant remember why, but we decided to go into the basement and mix instead. which was actually quite lucky cause it was bril and stuff, and just wait until someone has a party! yeah!

anyway, so we missed that :) but had a great nite anyway, except gowry stole the covers, had the fan on and the window open. yes, i was f*cking freezing! whilst she slept happily! grrrrrrrrrr!

if sunday had been good weather,. we were gonna go to the market, but it wasn’t so we just stayed in and did general couply stuff ;) but got out by 7:30 to go to pauls birthday drink type thing (see photo gallery)

that went on until the place shut (10:30/11ish?) and then we ran paul home before taking g home too. B) stayed with her for a bit, before having to say farewell myself, and driving at brakeneck speed to get home in 20 mins exactly :) (i timed it!)

rar! and then stupidly not going straight to bed so being as tired as i am now! hmph! tonite i will sleep early…. honest! ;)

why can’t they just get aircon in here???

Wednesday, July 4th, 2001

yes, the question that everyone seems to be asking, why the f*ck can’t adt get air conditioning put in?? i mean, its just too hot to do any work (great excuse, i know :)) but it is annoying too…. grrrrrr! :angry:

anyway, i’m like settled in to my job now, but there still ain’t much to do, i’m looking at redesigning the website, but until it cools down, my brain just ain’t gonna function :lol:

this weekend lark is taking too long to arrive, we’ve finally got enough cash, (and organisation :P) to go and book our holiday! hurrah! ibiza here we come, well, if they got any space left :P
the cars playing up again, methinks the gearbox is on its last legs, but whilst it still goes, i’m still gonna drive it, and then perhaps get a new one when it dies on me :)
gotta get my uni acceptance form in soon, i’ve chosen the course i want to do, just a shame i didn’t apply for it :) so a bit of grovelling to switch is needed, but just for the records - G500 - Kingston University - Computer Science.

ah, and if anyone is reading this and in the uk, log into and put yourself in. then you can try and contact all your old mates. it lists like every school in the uk and goes back years, so should be worth a try! i found umm, 10 ppl :)
bengy + ghekko status:!: - things couldn’t be going much better, well, unless we like see each other more often, and i can quite often be found chanting ‘noo loo, noo loo’ cause i miss her so much :) espec with the holiday coming up, things will be great!

so reality check, i’m stuck in a horribly hot room and have still got 6 hours or so before i can leave… DAMN YOU!