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now i am truely mobile!

Sunday, July 16th, 2000

so, where am i then? well i’m in me front room typing away on me new (well i guess company) laptop just purchased. got a really good deal on it, p400 celeron, 64meg, 4.8gig disk and sound etc for only £300, and all charged as profits to the company.

because of this, i missed the staff bbq, but instead set this up all nicely and it runs like an absolute dream, much faster than my one upstairs!

Anyway, can’t type cause watching carry on behind, quite amusing :) going to see mission impossible 2 later on, maybe i’ll drink, but would rather go and see cheryl, except shes out partying again.

i am getting really screwed up recently, things are not going like our split up was to be planned…. nevermind, i’m sure things will sort themselves out. :(
signing out, i’ll write a film review later on, see what i think of it :)

haven’t written for a while, been doing other things

Thursday, July 13th, 2000

sheesh, as it gets near to the end of my time here at the college, i wonder what next year will be like, kinda worries me, no secure money coming in, no house yet confirmed :(
Anyway, holiday soon (less than a month!) which should really cheer me up, especially with my new bright yellow trousers! hehe, the GAP sale is cool, down from £45 to £13! hurrah!

Sorted out the email finally as well, and just in the process of regging the name, i got the approved status, so should get a nice £250 out of it (£150 profit mind) which will pay for the new laptop (for the company of course :))

Brighton trip next week, thursday to friday and only £35, i missed last years (which i really regretted) so wasn’t gonna make the same error this time, and then when i get back, its the next Mind Over Matter at camden (yeah, who cares thats when my parents get back! I NEED TO GO!!!)

Actually, with my parents being away, it makes me a lot more careful and thorough with everything i do, it helps cheryl has come round a few times and reminds me (and drinks all the orange juice! :P) which is nice.

Hmm, just realised, i ain’t heard from martika for ages now, hope she’s alright, last i heard she was stressed :( cheer up gal! must be all over now (or maybe thats where she is!!!)

Not sure whether to do karaoke tonite (every thurs) i think i won’t so i can see cheryl (as i wont see her next week) and give some cod :) :eek:
OK, so now i just sit back, work on the iadt site (perhaps) hope the dom reg goes through and buy me laptop… lifes great for a high up exec!

flip flop cows go pop - but snorlax rulez da roozt

what a night, cool!

Friday, July 7th, 2000

Haven’t written on this for a while, although i seem to remember saying ‘i’ll do this tomorrow morning’, but of course, come tomorrow, i was fed up hehehe :)
Yesterday was actually quite a barrel of laughs, the morning was the usual sit chat and drink coffee type affair (which happens every morning) so not too much strain on me there :D
Then it was looking for a nice domain we could use for our adt page (the one where people all meet up and stuff), finally plumped for, although perhaps i could also get (the ADT Liberation Army!).

Lunch was absolutely delicious, i went to the spread eagle with cheryl and had warmed pitta bread filled with chicken tikka pieces and loads of salad… mmmm mmm!

On way back, popped into WHSMith to get the latest copy of Bizarre magazine, which this month is quite good, but some bastard had torn open the porn bit (which i don’t open, i leave it sealed) so know i need to take it back, cause my brother will think it was me :( :( :angry:

After getting back, i was in for a nice suprise as Ashar turned up and it was really good having him back up in 301, makes me feel at home there. I was in such good spirits that i started work on, and have created this rather nice orange effect.

Oliver was on the rampage cause his sound card didn’t work, so he brought it in, i ended up staying really late to fix it, i better get some recognition!!!

It was quite funny actually, i was downstairs ranting to zak about someone had openeded my magazine, and was showing him what was inside (it was an add for ‘toys’) so i said, look, you don’t want any bondage tape, grrr…

Only then did we realise a students dad was behind us, except i didn’t know who he was, and asked if he wanted any :) :lol: whoops! :eek:
The ADTLA had all arranged to meet up at 8:00 to go to a new restaurant which has opened up for Craigs birthday, so we had to leave college to 1. get there in time and 2. have time to drop off my bike at cheryls.

We first met Steven, Simon and Heidi in the Litten Tree to play a bit of pool and generally have a laugh, before moving onto this restaurant place to meet everyone else.

Hmmm…. Heidi got a bit drunk and seemed to become either incredibly horny, or just really wanting to know about sex, so made up most of the conversation for the night. I think people were trying to take advantage of her, so made sure simon kept his claws off :) :lol:

Food was great though…. and yes that is all i am going to say about it….

After eventually paying the bill (and stuffing all 9 of the free mints into my mouth :lol:) we headed back to the litten tree again, which was Thursday Night Karaoke.

Now i’ve never done it there before, but man is it fun :) after waiting around for ages, we eventually did ‘Pretty Fly for a White Guy’, which was me Ashar and Simon as the blokes, and Donna and (someone) as the gals…. they were LOUD!!!

Getting late, so had to take Heidi back to the car and a bit later leave ourselves (cause it had shut!) where we firstly went to put craig back in his car and help him with his wheel chair and then to run back to Cheryls (it was now 12:25) to get my bike….

I thought she was going to be angry, but she is sooooo sweet when she’s tired, even if she had been annoyed, i would have just picked her up and put her in a little ball :)
CHatted for a bit, then cycled home (although i kept her on the phone) to get home and in bed at about 1:oo.

SO her we are, after a bit of sleep, i’m back at work and whilst not rearing to go, and quite happy to move slowly along with the pace!

I must get back upstairs cause i got donna and lisa coming to find me, then i have to teach raphael after break..

woop woop!

getting the bar now…

Wednesday, July 5th, 2000

i like alladvantage, it gives me regular cheques and in effect free money, so this sounds even better, more money for more adverts! downloading the bar now, see what its like.

Been trying to pick a new domain name for the family, though was ok, but was frowned upon by everyone else :( oh well :)
Today, oh heck, i don’t want to write anything now :) i just want to go to bed… hahah! i’ll post tomorrow morning. OK?!?! :D

eyes hurt, brain hurts, but very happy :)

Tuesday, July 4th, 2000

yes! you did read the top bar correctly :) I DID SOME WORK! AND I EVEN WORKED QUITE HARD!! :D
You see, now that the college have got a replacement for next year (and although he is a really great bloke) i now realise i must start putting more effort into my remaining time there.

Now, my master plan is simple, install as many crucial systems as possible, making them so complicated only i understand how they work :) meaning they HAVE to employ me, hahahahaha!

So today, well, morning stuff was just pissing about, but after 12′o’clock i set to work, to convert the iMAIL system to be internet based.

After printing off all the documentation, i must admit i was really daunted on how i was ever going to do this, it was going to take longer than i thought :( However, things were made a lot simpler when i realised most of the commands were already entered in the default templates, so i just needed to make a few modifications and get the look a LOT better :D
Anyway, 3 1/2 hours and 350(ish) files modified/written later, i almost had my finished product. Now i need to iron out a few bugs and get a better ‘generic’ look (which i’ll submit for the imail gallery) and then make it a lost more ADT’y, if you try within the next week or so (probably shorter) you can test it out… login as TEST:TEST and tell me what you think!

This is good, as hopefully i can make it a bit more complicated so no one else understands it which will DEFINATELLY get more the job here next year, now just how to work out which domains the students will get, perhaps, it looks ok(ish!!) :D
Yeah man, it supports everything (oh but incoming don#t yet work :D) autoresponders, the lot!

After college, went around to cheryl’s to chill until my food was ready, so was basically sitting on the sofa the whole time until….

mrs m shouts something from the kitchen, so we go down to see whats up, ‘there’s something in the rice packet!!!’ she says, so me and marc carefully open it up… it fucking stinks, some massive black squashy thing with what looks like sick in it :( this is microwave rice remember :( eurgh! It stinks to high heaven and almost makes me throw…

So its off to Sainsburys to take it back, they say they will analyse it… hmmm, i bet its a dead possum or summit :( gengar has been hungry recently :D :lol:

I am really trying to cut down on my computing time now, my head hurts and i’m tired… hmph, never mind, more email to work on tomorrow! woo hoo! i luv work, yeah, but only somtimes ;)