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another day of hell, another day of boredom…

Friday, June 23rd, 2000

Woke up today with a strange sense of, well, tiredness really :lol: but knowing that today would not be good.

Tried to get in to college/work quickly as there was a big Vektor conference going on…. 8 flipping people!?!? i needn’t have even bothered :( but i had to stay there all day to make sure things went ok.

Lunch was weird actually, you have no idea what it is like to sit in a staff room (now, remember i only left this place last year as a student) and chat with your old teachers about sex and stuff :eek: really, really odd!!! ;)
So mainly just sat up in my room surfing the internet for Beenz so i could try and get a free kingfisher voucher (’cause i want to buy Gengar :D), you need like 4500, and i have got, hmm, 650!! hahahahah :lol:

Also studying the new odds for the Euro 2000, i’m still deciding what to put money on. Perhaps France to beat Spain (hehe, sorry martika :P) which is evens, or the safe (and bad odds) Holland to beat Yugoslavia (I;m sure that dont exist no more?!), :D i got until saturday to decide.

Since I got that hard house minidisk, i have just been itching to get back into a club, i really wanna go to mind over matter on sat, but i don’t think cheryl is up for it.

shame, i’m sure she will love it, and if not, there’s loads of topless blokes she can stare at all nite! :lol:

Talking of cheryl, i should be writing her card now, but i am just too knackered, will do it tomorrow at college so she can have it lunchtime (the card that is :P)

Now i shall retire, and check my student loan form, oh i hope i get accomidation…. grrrrrr…. :lol: