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Where do we find these things….??

Monday, December 19th, 2005

Hehe - so it’s now Sunday evening and I’ve just got time to write this entry, then I’ve got to take my Japanese end of term test :) In theory I could just cheat as I have it here next to me, but i think that would be a little pointless - so i am going to create real exam conditions!!

So last night, I hardly need to say where we went, it hasn’t change week in week out yet, so I’m pretty sure you can guess. A little difference in the planning this time though, as Seiko wasn’t going to be home for dinner and we were going to eat out. However, I had to wait for Mums call, so had to cancel that bit (the eating out) - thus leaving me with the dilema of no food :eek:
I decided that something out would probably be best, however before I left, it was time to make the customary “going out cheapskate drinks” - it was going to be a simple vodka and coke, but i had neglected to buy any coke, so it was going to have to be something different.

I’m pretty glad there wasn’t any coke actually as this allowed me to find my perfect drink. Simply take half a glass of red wine, add a random amount of cassis and finally top up with vodka - delicious :)

Two pints later and having then dj’ed for the last hour or so (so was very hyper) - it was time to leave. However, I suddenly had a massive “missing Gowry” attack, so decided it would be a good idea to call her. Of course, after 2 pints of the above, i really wasn’t in such a fit state to call anyone, so just remember apologising over and over for being so drunk :) lol…

Leaving the house was also a bit of a challenge as the flooring in our apartment is so uneven ;) or at least, it was last night - strangely enough it seems to have flattened out now…. :p
First stop before Roppongi was McDonalds to pick up some food. The order went OK, Double Cheeseburger - no problem. Whilst I was waiting for it, the next person made their order - some chips… hmmm… yes, I want some chips too - so called over the staff to add it…. next person orders some Chicken nuggets… sumimasen - sore-to Chicken Nuggets hitotsu…. I’m not sure how long this would have gone on, but luckily there was no one else in the queue or i dread to think how much food i would have left with :D
So I make it down to the platform, but although they smell nice, there’s not much taste to the french fries, coupled with the fact i’m getting a load of strange looks. Taking a quick step back to reality, it doesn’t take a genius to see why. Whilst I am indeed picking the chips up and moving them to my mouth, none of them are actually making it and I’m just dropping them all over the platform :o …. a hasty chip collecting situation then ensues and i’m left with a bag full of dirty chips :D lol….

When I finally make it to Roppongi, for once Seiko isn’t drunk, which is an incredible feat by her, especially as she has just been out drinking with mates… good on her!

So first stop is Hub to take advantage of the cheap drinks (and to watch Everton on the TV - so it was packed) before hunger got the better of us and we relocated to a local izakaya to get more drinks and some yaki-udon (and some glasses of water!!!)

Finishing here, we then headed off to iLounge (where we went last week) which was actually playing some good music this week (and had about 20 people in it, unlike last time) and was doing drinks for 500 yen… HOWEVER, if you didn’t know this, you had to pay 1000.. (as in, we went in and they gave us a 1000yen menu, however I pointed out there was a huge sign outside saying 500 and threatened to leave unless they charged as that … so all was good!) :)
At 4am however the drinks did go to 1000 yen, so naturally we chose this time to leave and head to the Wall Street Bar next door which was again quite empty. I think it’s due to the fact that these places are off the main highstreet, so perhaps you only go there if you know they are there, rather than just spotting it….

I don’t think we were here for so long until we got hungry again, so it was off to an Akonomiyaki restaurant, where we were able to get a very nice meal (though Seiko nicked most of the meat before I had a chance to get any myself :D) - I know, it looks like someone has thrown up on the table, but no, honestly it’s really nice ;)
Come 6 or so (i think) it was time to head back to the station, there was a brief comedy moment when Seiko tried to get her coat on backwards (true to form, she had now got quite drunk) - but apart from that, we made it out relatively unscathed :)
Finally making it home, we discovered that somewhere along the way we had managed to pick up two softcore porn mags?!? So something new to add to our collection of “things picked up on a night out” - though I don’t know where they came from. They’re not even new, so it’s not like we bought them from a shop …?


But wait! The story doesn’t end there, there’s just a little more to go…. On returning from my room where I had put on my pajamas - i was greeted with the site of Seiko having fallen asleep on the bed, toothbrush still in mouth :D I submit the following photos as evidence ;)

So there you have it, a quite successful night out :)

Hurrah for hire purchase!!

Monday, December 12th, 2005

woot.. something else i can claim a first to, buying something on interest free credit :) speaker and mixer now ordered, coming in at a total of about £300 (so £30 a month, not the £20 i told you mum) - much easier to manage :) so now i’m dead excited and the thought has cheered me up no end :)
May I introduce to you the Alesis M1 Active, 100watt RMS of pure music playing ability :)

And finally the new - just released - Vestax VMC-002XL in special edition white


Hopefully arriving within 4 days or so, in time for next weekend :)
So last night, well, i’m quite starting to like saturdays now. Each week when Seiko returns she cooks something new (and delicious) so at least on Saturday nights I will always be sure to get a good meal :D
We then made the usual trip to our favourite place (lol) Roppongi and of course started off in Hub. They had some new christmas cocktails on offer (not sure what was in them, but they tasted very nice) so we ordered a few of these. Not sure how we discovered this (I reckon we must have just been button bashing) but the jukebox was on free play, which meant we were able to supply the other patrons of Hub with as much Bon Jovi music as the machine would put out ;)
Now I know you guys look at this and just see every weekend we go the same place. Well, Seiko and I are painfully aware of this too, so decided this time to make an effort to go a new place ‘I-Lounge’ which opens at 3am. (hence the Hub to pass the time).

I must admit, i was actually quite excited as 1) it was new, and 2) it was supposed to be a trance bar - so we both had quite high hopes. First impressions were good, the place was very nice inside indeed - erm, except there was one problem - no one was there!?!?

Luckily the barman was very friendly and kept us entertained for the time we spent there - it would have just been nice if more people had turned up :) On the plus side, i now have another place i can go and dj at if i want to, so perhaps just us being there was a good thing. (as we wouldn’t have got to chat with the manager if it had been busy).

It had now got to about 4:20am or so, and knowing i would be hungry, it was time to go so we could get food and be in time to catch first train. Unfortunately, I think Seiko had now just passed her drinking boundary as she had fallen asleep on the bar…


However, a bit of a proding later and she was able to stumble along with me to the kebab shop :D - where she then promptly fell back to sleep (though i didn’t mind so much as it meant she didn’t eat all my chips like she usually does… haha) - leaving to catch the train wasn’t so easy though as by this time she was properly sparko and it took a lot of persuassion to wake her back up :)
The actually train journey back was the usual amusing affair, with her collapsed in my arms (though this time with me monitoring carefully to make sure she didn’t throw up on my coat :D)

At Sangenjaya, i wanted to make a quite stop in McDonalds (gotta love the S+E muffins) - by which time Seiko had decided she didn’t want to walk back - but to get a taxi instead. I would usually tell her this is a waste of money, but then, it was very cold and she was offering to pay so it seemed like a good thing to do.

Now my favourite bit of the story:

So we’re in the taxi and off we go, except Seiko then falls back to sleep again. Well, due to my slightly intoxicated state and feeling quite confident, it seemed like a good chance to practise some Japanese (make those classes be worth something!) - so it began….

Ok, so it wasn’t the most advanced of Japanese (straight ahead please, at the next corner - turn right, stop in front of that building etc…) but using my new found knowledge i was able to direct the taxi all the way home and to stop it in front of our door (without using *any* hand guestures!!) - w000000t! go me!!! :D
It’s little things like this that make me happy i am studying and out here - i know it sounds stupid - but it feels like a great achievement to me, i haven’t learnt anything for years - so now, it’s like a lot more of a big deal :D
So let’s see, i can direct taxis, or stuff in a restaurant (properly up to 5 items… then my counters get a bit squiffy), ask for directions and tell people they are a “stupid f**king idiot” :D - progress!!!

Ah I should also point out, the photo shoot has me wearing glasses. Special “no lens” glasses to be exact, which apparently make me look smart (or something….)

I’d better get back to the books now, bed in 4 hours :eek: