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calling you all from ibiza!

Monday, September 3rd, 2001

yes fellow chums, me and gowry are now in ibiza and ‘aving it large (As it were :)).

I’m writing to you from ‘plastic fantastic’ which has an internet cafe bit in it (about £1 per 15 minutes) and i know i could be writing individual emails, but its much easier just to write one entry!

so, whats it been like? this is our third day here, and we’ve done quite a bit. first nite, was just crash out, like cause we need sleep :) (we arrived at 5am ish) but second day we decided to club it.

dave pearce euphoria at eden, which was ok (in theory) but the best bit… MARCELLA WOODS live!!!! now to you people i guess you don’t know that much to me, but marcella woods (in conjunk with matt darey) sang ‘beautiful’ the greatest song of all time!! and we were gonna see her live!!!! WOW!

anyway, we got in to ibizas (apprently) newest super club, and to be honest, it wasn’t really what we expected. well me at least, it was no better than n enlgish club. in fact, i preffered camden :) no seats and i got tired waiting for marcella to come on (5 hours!) there was one hour of good music, and the rest was crap.

i feel a bit more sorry for gowry though, as she hated all of it! except marcella bit. matt darey, instead of playing the sort of music he writes, played a variation of hard house, made harder with anything resembling a tune, taken out. so we left! :P even more funny though was we got our hands stamped on the way out…. yup, you guessed it, we could have gone out for a bit and came back in :)
oh, and just for the record, the dress code, trainers = OK, shorts = OK, tshirts = OK - football shirts/shorts = NO and beachware = NO (so like swimming trunks etc).

what else we been doing then, hmmmm, drinking a lot of vodka and lemon (which gets you drunk as you get soooooo much vodka for about £2.20),chlling on the beach (and going in the sea) which is great cause gowry looks well HOT :) in a bikini,,, rmm, rmm, ! :)
and basically thats about it, cause we’ve only been here three days, but i’m having the best time of my life and although its ibiza, it feels very special and i feel very close and in love to gowry :) xxxxxxxxxx 8)
of course, the holiday would not be complete without hoops, and i am very happy to report that they are still here, and although gowry was a bit reluctant to pay for them, i got her round in the end, and now she is like a little puppy on a leash.

in fact she can now have her own icckle slot - take it away:

hi! he is very mistaken to think that i’m a puppy on a leash. for now he knows that he will get beaten up. and it is him is is wrapped around my little finger!
oh and it very nice here lookin forward to twice as nice. bengy will have to keep up with me!
thats my little bit for today
thankin you xx

well there you have it :) ok, well only got three minutes left now, i think i’ll email home just to say hello..

check the photos when we get back! woop woop!