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lifes a bitch… and then you marry one :)

Friday, January 26th, 2001

wow, i haven’t posted any entries in this thing since like, before my holiday last year!! Whats been happening? Like, so damn much! oh

I’M 20! WOO HOO! :)
Erm, so as to keep a record, dropped out of uni after about an hour (maybe even an hour and a half if i push it :P) so am back working at adt, doing the like, web development and stuff.

Its alrite, i makes money i suppose. Which i need, cause i seem to be spending so much lately, damn girlfriends :) they need to be constantly given drinks! haha :P lucky i only see her at weekend then, otherwise i would be permanently broke :)
I am actually quite proud of myself, cause i have been working today, quite a bit actually and got loads of writing done on my prep sheets. Still got a day or so to finish them off, so that shouldn’t be too bad. No worries m8! :D
If I am gonna keep this thing up, I suppose I should put a few entries in like just for the record. So, at this present moment in time:

  • Me and Cheryl no longer go out (did we before??) but are now soulmates and still see each other (but not so much)
  • I now go out with Gowry (17th Jan) who will probably be mentioned quite a bit from now on
  • My current best friends are Ali, Haroon and Jamie
  • I’m currently on flexi hours @ £10 an hour
  • I still owe the student loan company £977 :D
  • I’ve now had 15 driving lessons, with my test in a week and a half
  • My first driving lesson was on the 1st December 2000
  • As soon as I pass, I intend to buy a Peugeot 306 XS (XSi if i can afford it) in metallic blue
  • iNETFX so far has made around £9000

I don’t think anything else has really been relevant.

I think though I am gonna move this diary, and then I can have a photo album and stuff cause i just got a Sony DSC-S50 from Argos :)
Wicked…. well, i better go work now, just thought it would be good to keep this up to date….