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Sunday, January 1st, 2006

Ingredients for a fantastic new year:

1) Go to a far away country full of happy people.
2) Go to the busiest part of that country.
3) Add a few thousand Japanese people.
4) Take a huge nightclub and fill it with these people
5) Play all your favourite tunes

Mix it all together, get there 50 minutes before midnight, wait patiently in the queue until you get to the front….

….. and then find out your friend has forgotten her ID so you can’t get it :(
So I’m at home - and my new year was spent standing dejectedly in the street whilst everyone else was drunk and happy …..


On the optimistic side, I hope this is a “things can only get better” moment, rather than a “the rest of the year will be the same” ….. ho hum …. seems like I get quite a lot of bad luck here - my good old flukeyness skills are not working so well…

Anyway, enough of tonite - that’s just too depressing…..

So! Last night, a friday, so usually spent at home - however this time as I didn’t have work, it meant I wasn’t tired come the evening, so wanted to go out.

I was to meet Seiko at 12 in Roppongi (oh joy), so duly arrived the obligatory 20 minutes late :D We weren’t going to the strip this time though, but to a club quite some walk away (where Seiko already was) - so off I set, stopping at the local AM/PM on the way to buy a little “pocket sized” bottle of Jacobs Creek (£3)

Joining us tonite was Ayako, Seiko’s friend (the one who had been trying to sell her a fat reducing machine for the last god nows how long) - we met outside the club - MUSE (the same one we went with Arnaud) - which wasn’t ideal, but the wine had seemed to hit quite quickly, so I wasn’t *that* bothered.

2000 for me to get in (only guys pay - ahah, so this is why Seiko chose Muse! ;)) - though this does include 2 drinks, so it kinda evens itself out.

Inside it was a lot less busy than last time and really nicely decorated, so I was actually pretty happy we went here…..

Being the sensible chap I am, I decided it wouldn’t be such a good idea to get a drink straight away due to the recent bottle of wine, though for some reason this logic didn’t seem to stick for very long, as soon I had ordered a Smirnoff ice….

We then found some chairs and sat around talking for quite some time, during which I seem to remember a glass of white wine and a tequila being added to my drinks list….

From this point onwards, I am not sure what happened, though the photos seem to indicate we were all in a pretty similiar state, I do remember meeting a German guy called Alex though….

Say hello!!!


Another thing that is quite interesting is the following photo. It was supposed to be of Seiko, but if you look in the background …. :eek: …. i assure you the whole place wasn’t like that !!! :D

Of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without one special thing….. of course by about 5am, Seiko had fallen asleep again and we couldn’t wake her, so were ejected from the club…. :eek:
Bring on some more memory loss, and then roll on this morning….

….. mmmmm …. all nice and warm …. i barely manage to open my eyes, i feel awful - so i stretch out….

Something’s not right, for one my bed seems to have grown in size and two I’ve just banged my arm on someone else..?!? Confused, I focus and realise I am in bed with Ayako in a strange room - slight panic sets in - have I gone back to her house?!?

A quick check and I am wearing all my clothes still, phew, but the mystery is still not solved - however the power of sleep is all too much for me, and back i go….


A few hours later, I’m woken up by my dear friends :p And the situation is explained to me, at the club we met one of Seikos friends:


Who after we left the club, invited us back to his - which we accepted, so Taxi’d it back to his apartment in Roppongi, before falling asleep in the spare room.

Bizarre, I can’t remember any of it :D lol…. Helen, you must be so proud of me :D
So lucky Friday happened I suppose, otherwise this weekend would have been a complete disaster. Nevermind, we can try again next week - it would have just been really nice to be in a packed club for the countdown… (Stop dwelling, STOP DWELLING :))

Apologies for the disjointedness of this post and the incredibly bad English, but I feel dreadful, but just wanted to get it all down before my memory goes again… lol :D