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sunnyside @crash is no more :(

Monday, May 29th, 2000

well, i know i said i wouldn’t be back until 5 this morning, but there was a little change of plan and i didn’t go to frantic, here’s why:

i got to sunny’s at FOUR eventually after waiting around in mcdonalds car park for 40 minutes waiting for jamie to turn up :( anyway, we went straight to vauxhall and into the club….

WOW! like how many people are in here?!? it was totally packed with absolutely no room to move let alone throw your arms around with lightsticks?!?

This was quite a bugger, and i couldn’t really enjoy myself too much, as every time i got into the swing of the music, someone would walk (well squash) past and i would have to stop…

Then, some bloke seemed to get a fascination with me ’sticks and wouldnt’ leave me alone until he could borrow them, i let him and he then went off with them!! It took about 30 mins to get them back :) and that was only cause he had pulled and was getting off with some bird!

Thats not to say everyones a bastard though, one chap who borrowed them was cool and was really practised at them, i was dead impressed.

Anyway, when it ended at 9:30, i was no longer in the mood for more (combined with the fact my legs were almost dead) so i got the bus back to clapham and met cheryl for a kebab. We did have the intention of going to the pub, but unfortunately they were all shut (even though its bank holiday!!) so i just walked her home, picked up my bike, and now i am here :)
All in all, an… ummm, INTERESTING day!! although next week it should be a lot better, somewhere else to go which shouldn’t be so crowded……

nite, nite :P

bank holiday sorted out, woo hoo!

Sunday, May 28th, 2000

You know when you are in a sort of mid sleep, and are on the balance of waking up (although you don’t want to, i mean its soooo early in the morning) and then something happens, like, oh i dunno, a massive record falls of your wall, smashing your glass of ribena and waking you up at 6:47 in the process? Well yes, that happened to me :(
I then fell asleep again (eventually) to be roused at 12 noon :) Oh well, i shouldn’t be tired tonight then… woo hoo! :P
So here everybody is my bank holiday plans (put together after a 30min phone call to jamie)

Leave in about 20 mins to cycle to cheryl’s where i’ll leave my bike so i can walk down to the roundabout where i’ll be picked up by mr james and whisked away to vauxhall (to go the last ever sunny side up there :(). This’ll go on until about 9pm.

Then off to central london to go to, now let me remember, ‘The Future Sound Of Hard House’ from 11pm to 5am, before finally returning home to sleep :) this should be a blast!

Because of this, i won’t be writing again tonite (and by the time i’ve finished clubbing, probably living, i’ll be so tired!) So it’s off now for a right charging bank holiday!! :eek:

that was one coool weekend :cool:

Monday, May 22nd, 2000

yeah,ok, so i wrote this after the other lot, but i just wanted to make sure I had on record what an absolutely excellent mind over matter has just gone :D
Seriously, i normally fall asleep at these things, so this time i went and got some ProPlus, well, it said take like max 12 every 24, but i did 14 in 7 and boy did they work :) :)

I was so awake, I was jumping around all night long, having the time of my life :cool: , infact those glowsticks must have done at least 10000 miles in travelling by the end of the nite!

Anyway, i just wanted to say thanks to mr james :rolleyes: for taking me in the car, and actually taking part this time, making it much more fun ;) :eek: if every next one is like that, i’m going until i’m well over a hundred :)
RAVE ON!!!! :P