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just returned from ‘frantic’ boy am i tired :)

Sunday, July 2nd, 2000

Well, funnily enough, not really, you would think so seeing as i haven;t slept for nearly 24 hours now.

So, how did it go, well i left at 11:00 last nite to head up to camden palace to go to ‘frantic’ a seriously hard house night. Got up there by 11:45 and went to Sainsburys to get some Smints, then quick stop at the glowstick bloke before skipping the whole queue and getting in.

So then, how was it. Well, it was a lot different to all the other nites i have been too, extremely hard house, which was ok, but when you get tired it gets annoying, which i did.

So i was sitting there for quite a while wishing i hadn’t come, but when i started to wake up i felt so much better and liked being there :)
Funny thing happened whilst i was almost sleepin’, a girl come up to me and started rubbing me on the back of the head saying ‘are you alrite’ and kept looking at me :D I kept saying, yeah i am just tired, but she kept rubbing my head… everyone thought i had pulled (partly including me actually) but i was way too tired to really think about that.

The evening then, well £12 to get in £4 for glowsticks and £4 travel (oh and £1 for the smints) out of 10, hmmm, 7 (9 when i was awake).

Afterwards (it finished at 6) we all walked down to Euston station to get some coffee, cause the trains don’t start until about 7:20, so we sat on the floor just chatting.

Come home just after that and here i am!! ALthough, i will now leave, cause i wave of tiredness has just hit me :) So long party people! :D :eek:

sunnyside @crash is no more :(

Monday, May 29th, 2000

well, i know i said i wouldn’t be back until 5 this morning, but there was a little change of plan and i didn’t go to frantic, here’s why:

i got to sunny’s at FOUR eventually after waiting around in mcdonalds car park for 40 minutes waiting for jamie to turn up :( anyway, we went straight to vauxhall and into the club….

WOW! like how many people are in here?!? it was totally packed with absolutely no room to move let alone throw your arms around with lightsticks?!?

This was quite a bugger, and i couldn’t really enjoy myself too much, as every time i got into the swing of the music, someone would walk (well squash) past and i would have to stop…

Then, some bloke seemed to get a fascination with me ’sticks and wouldnt’ leave me alone until he could borrow them, i let him and he then went off with them!! It took about 30 mins to get them back :) and that was only cause he had pulled and was getting off with some bird!

Thats not to say everyones a bastard though, one chap who borrowed them was cool and was really practised at them, i was dead impressed.

Anyway, when it ended at 9:30, i was no longer in the mood for more (combined with the fact my legs were almost dead) so i got the bus back to clapham and met cheryl for a kebab. We did have the intention of going to the pub, but unfortunately they were all shut (even though its bank holiday!!) so i just walked her home, picked up my bike, and now i am here :)
All in all, an… ummm, INTERESTING day!! although next week it should be a lot better, somewhere else to go which shouldn’t be so crowded……

nite, nite :P

all paid up… woo hoo we’re going to ibiza :)

Sunday, May 28th, 2000

Hurrah! Finally paid off all the money owed for me trip to Ibiza, so now all I have to worry about is being able to save up enough spending money! Last year we went for one week and didnt really go so many places, yet still managed to clock up about £300:!: This year, i intend to party to the extreme, so am gonna need loadsa spare pesatas 8)
Found glowsticks :) Went in all the party shops and stuff, but actually got them from… the camping shop! £5 for two, which is a bit more than I normally spend, however they last for (aparently) 12 hours, so can use them in the afterparty when ssu finishes.

Anyway, came back here and watched ‘Snake Eyes’ on DVD (still got soo many free rental vouchers left) it was pretty good, although that bloke scares me, not sure what his name was (not nic cage, the other one), but a good film non the less.

When we got down the ‘junction, decided to try that new burger from maccy d’s… it was kinda huge, but very tasty. definately recommend it (in as much was as you can recommend a mcdonalds ;)), got a bit wet (bless this british weather) and saw quite a few drunk people (sweet bliss :)) but nothing too eventful really.

I don’t intend to stay on the computer too much longer (which is why i am writing this now), and will probably either watch TV, or Leathal Weapon 4, which I got on DVD time ago, but just ain’t got around to seeing, although I am told it is really good… we’ll see ;)
Buenos Noches! :openmouth:

for once, simon was wrong :(

Saturday, May 27th, 2000

after getting all ready to go out to the natural world shop, i thought i had better ring them to check they did actually sell lightsticks… no they dont :(
now i don’t have a clue as where to get to get some, perhaps camden market might stock them, in cyberdog perhaps?!?

shame, but will decide when i get out, the weather ain’t too bad, so perhaps everything will be ok. see if cheryl wants to come over and watch a film or summit. boy this lineone is cool ;)

EON Ice torches, pissing me off :mad:

Thursday, May 25th, 2000

just found out that the auction I had entered at aucland to get som cool little clubbing torches has the wrong price set :(
They were avaiable at £6, but after a call to the lot that sell them, it seems that that was wrong and they are really £8 each with £2.50 postage :(
I mean, thats the equivilant of, hmmm, 9 and a half glowsticks, which are infinately more fun anyway :eek: so I don’t know what to do, i’ll decide tomorrow, its just i wanted them for sunny’s, which incidently is the last one @ crash :(
You should check that site out though, they even have replica phoneboxes!

Noticing that the p16’s aren’t paying so much attention to me :( they just play their music and stuff, which is really annoying, at least i use headphones… pah… :angry: