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DAY 5(Harajuko, electric city, ROPPONGI)

Saturday, April 3rd, 2004

Posted by Justin

Decided to look at the Sakura since it was such a warm sunny day. Decided to go to Yoyogi Park which is about 10 minutes from our apartment. George(Guy from Norwich who lives upstairs) told us that there’s a Sakura ‘rave’ in the park on Sunday. should be interesting. Unfortunately, we have double booked with terrence on that day - supposed to go to a car show in Odabai.

Walked past Harajuko, excellent place to shop! went to kiddy land which is the a the place my girlfriend becky dreams about. five floors full of hello kitty, doraemon, gundam, dragon ball, argh you name it… so cool these jap kids are so lucky. Soft toys everywhere!!! damn cute I must ship some back.

Yoyogi park is just at the end of harajuko, don’t know why it’s called yoyogi as it’s in harajuko… The park is beautiful, cherry blossom, traditional japanese trees, shrines, temples, so peaceful.

>>> I can’t believe i’m writting this now… just been singing karoke all night >>>and can only sleep for 3 hours as we’re meeting chaiki at the station at 3pm

Well anyway.. after that, went to electric city - ben wanted to return his digital camera (ixy 500) fussy boy…haha the japanese sales people were so helpful, they all crowded round to help ben out - trying to figure out the white balence or something, in the end he exchanged ti to a casio exilim.

Had to rush back as I had to meet Seiko at 8pm at roppongi station… turned out we arrived around 10sih.

Roppongi is such a western part of tokyo. I hardly seen any policemen on the streets but in roppongi, there are plenty - I wasn’t suprised. You get bouncers trying to force you into their clubs, hading you so called drink tokens haha. pissing off, they targetted ben the most due to his striking blond hair.

Well met Seiko infront of the mitsubishi bank and proceeded to the ‘911′ bar. Drinks seems to be over 5 quid everywhere you go…but luckily she showed us ‘Gas Panic’ 400Yen a drink. Slowly all of us got very… very… pissed.

Eventually ended up at a club called ‘LEX’ 3000 yen with 5 drinks.

–I’ll fill in the details later–

The club finised at 5am, shops were still open at this time and it was daylight. I guess it’s why Japan’s called the land of the rising sun???

Got the train at 5:29am back to yoyogi station. Ate at the local restaurant bar - rice with kimchee and some other stuff thrown in.

A nice start to my birthday :)