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haven’t written for a while, been doing other things

Thursday, July 13th, 2000

sheesh, as it gets near to the end of my time here at the college, i wonder what next year will be like, kinda worries me, no secure money coming in, no house yet confirmed :(
Anyway, holiday soon (less than a month!) which should really cheer me up, especially with my new bright yellow trousers! hehe, the GAP sale is cool, down from £45 to £13! hurrah!

Sorted out the email finally as well, and just in the process of regging the name, i got the approved status, so should get a nice £250 out of it (£150 profit mind) which will pay for the new laptop (for the company of course :))

Brighton trip next week, thursday to friday and only £35, i missed last years (which i really regretted) so wasn’t gonna make the same error this time, and then when i get back, its the next Mind Over Matter at camden (yeah, who cares thats when my parents get back! I NEED TO GO!!!)

Actually, with my parents being away, it makes me a lot more careful and thorough with everything i do, it helps cheryl has come round a few times and reminds me (and drinks all the orange juice! :P) which is nice.

Hmm, just realised, i ain’t heard from martika for ages now, hope she’s alright, last i heard she was stressed :( cheer up gal! must be all over now (or maybe thats where she is!!!)

Not sure whether to do karaoke tonite (every thurs) i think i won’t so i can see cheryl (as i wont see her next week) and give some cod :) :eek:
OK, so now i just sit back, work on the iadt site (perhaps) hope the dom reg goes through and buy me laptop… lifes great for a high up exec!

flip flop cows go pop - but snorlax rulez da roozt

i am now starting out in the real world :D cisco here i come

Monday, June 19th, 2000

well, today has been quite eventful (eventually) as i have been the cisco technician for the training going on here. Basically, i sit in the room making sure all the computers are running ok, showing people about peer2peer networking, and screwing up how to plug in network cards :D
Got a message today from Martika, seems she is back and well…

Hey there Martika!!

Anyay, yesterday was a lazy enough day, up at 11 to get ready for fathers day. Was a bit pissed off cause i had stayed up to watch the ‘lusty latina’s’ on tv until around 2am :D Still trying to work out the definition of ‘latina’, oh and btw, it wasn’t a porn flick :) just tasteful topless :D :lol:

We went over the common to the pub there for a meal for dads’ fathers day thing, where the food was nice, beef, but WAAAAAAAAAY too much vegetables :) I left most cause i hate em! Even the waitress said ‘oh be a good boy and eat all your greens’ hehehe…. maybe just for her ;) :P
After this, me and tom went down clapham junction to try and find a frisbee, not such a hard task you would think…. WRONG!

We spent around half an hour going through all the shops, but jsut couldn’t find one, so in the end had to plump for scatch (which didnt even stick :().

Anyway, it was soooooo hot, and on the way up to the common we started to regret the idea, especially when we say cheryl and marc hadn’t brought the water (although she did redeem herself by getting one from the garage). Once on the common in the shade though, i was happy :D
There was a group of, hmm, 12 year olds up in the dog free zone, who seemed to be having the most violent game of footie i’ve ever seen, they even turned on tom and marc for a mass rumble (i stayed well clear :)) and we ended up playing with them for a bit.

Got home at about 7 to fix my bike tyre, well put a new one on, but had to go at about 7:40 with haroon to try and fix someones computer (which in the end took 3 hours, but did earn me £20… woo hoo!) so got home at about 10:40 (ish) missing my shower, but with the smell of food in the air, who am i to complain :)
Sleep, pah! Was watching tv until about 12:40 (i know, i know) so finally got off a bit later than that. Any more, and i will die of the heat, if i remember anything, i’ll tell u later….

nothing ever happens to me :( I WANT MORE ACTION!!! :lol:

cheryl i forgive you :) Martika, will reply when i wake up :D

Sunday, June 4th, 2000

Hello people, back on my REAL computer today after that awful experience with the Psion yesterday :( Got some excellent house tunes here which i just downloaded from Napster :) That thing rules, i would have NO way of getting them otherwise ;)
I had planned last night to put the other £10 bet on the England game today, but the stupid site was down for ‘routine matinatence’ (or however you are supposed to spell it :)) so couldnt do it. I’ll check again tomorrow to see what other things I can do.

Hadn’t really arranged to do anything today (except get Die Hard II from Blockbuster) so when I woke up i just put on the TV :D Kane was featured a lot in WWF today … woo hoo! (yeah I’m 19, so what?!? ;)) which went on until about 2pm.

Tom hijaked the computer to do all his GCSE revision, bless him, i never did any and hey, look at me!! (hmmmmm….. ;)) well, i’m in a good enough mood now!

Parents went out somewhere, but then must have thought i did something good as dad brought me back the new Bon Jovi album - Crush. I was quite overcome actually, and it saved me quite a bit of ca$h. Haven’t listened to it yet, but i needed it to keep my collection going (i have all the bon jovi albums from the start, i used to be a great fan). Infact, I would have liked to have gone to the concert over here in August, but unfortunately it is whilst i am on holiday :(
Yeah, i was supposed to be going out this evening with cheryl to either Catch 23 (which sounds soooooooo cool) or just to get pissed, however she instead went out with someother people, grrrr, she was lucky she never did that when we went out ;) :D
So i was forced to contact someone else, did I? did I f*ck :) I just stayed in and listened to some most excellent hard house. like i said above, have downloaded a lot more as well, hey, BK is a very cool dude :)
Been on the Liv4Now page reading thorugh all the forums :) some people on there are just plain weird… but then, well, each to their own (mmm…. britney in schoolgirl uniform :D)… can’t wait to start going out with someone again… HAHAHAHAHAHA! :D
What else of interest, hmmmm, not a lot, this week has been pretty damn relaxed and not a lot has been accomplished. Today was supposed to be when i did my sw11online site, but that seems to have tailed off now.

Yeah, like I said in the title, Martika i will reply to your mail tomorrow (Well today really) when I wake up, just not in the mail mood atm…

From the distant depths of london… to you my friends, goodnite!

so i finally have a pen pal… woo hoo!

Saturday, May 27th, 2000

Quite a bit happened tonite actually…

Firstly, Lineone accepted me onto their service, so am now surfing for phree 24/7 at a fast speed, much better than that crap btinternet. AND there don’t seem to be a cut off time :) WOO HOO! :D
Secondly, as i said, just met a really nice girl on irc called Martika from Spain. Have agreed to help her with her english, i like being useful. Talked to her for a few hours was actually really interesting…. :thumbup:

Got absolutely soaked in the damn rain, mis judged the amount coming out the sky and got all over me :( got home ok though, just needed to stand in from of the radiator for a few hours!!!

Maybe later I’ll try on this thong thingy zak got from the show, man i’ll look like a right twat :)
anyway, it’s late, i’m knackered and need to get into bed and off this infernal machine and into bed with the tv (well not with it obviously!!)

gotta get up not too late tomorrow to go and pay for my holiday, wooo hhoo we’re going to ibiza! better set an alarm or summit…. so long.