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DAY 7 (Central Tokyo/GINZA/SHUIBUYA)

Monday, April 5th, 2004

Posted by Justin

Woke up at 14:30 after only 3 hours of sleep… I’ve got to take care of myself!
Decided to go to Central Tokyo. Nice place - if i had to equate it to a part of london it would be Canary Warf, just offices everywhere. Walked round the parks and saw Tokyo tower in the distance.

Strolled down to Ginza which really impressed me. The headquaters of many japanese companies. SONY HQ but no time to see the museum.
Sat in the Nissan 350Z - lovely car but i still prefer my skyline :) (seen so many of them around here in japan!),

we let ben choose where to eat…. no suprise that it was a burger joint again ‘HAMBURGERS AT WENDY’S) argh!

Tried to find a VISA cash point for ages… no luck - started to get cold!
Got back to sendagaya at 10pm and was supposed to meet Seiko and her friends at Shibuya! always late.

Luckity Shibuya is 4 minutes (2 stops) from our station, went to ‘CLUB PURE’ Hip-hop and R&B night - cost 2500 yen for guys, 2000yen for the ladies. OPEN BAR! amazing!!! and the great thing was… no pikies!

We all got super cained, Kamikazes, sex on the beaches, karsesu’s and the regualar beverages.

Aparently Steven Segal was suppost to be there but he was held up doing a video shoot. I didn’t care - the guy can’t act. The fat guy from marshall law would probably kick his ass.

Finished at 5am, went to some arcades and took some sticker photos…
6am got back to our station and went to another noodle bar.

seems to be quite a routine…

no sleep!!! help!!!