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ho hum…

Friday, September 21st, 2001

well, holiday was great! really good and stuff, but i’ll tell you about it another time.

where am i now? university of kingston and although i’ve only been here a week, i hate it, i want to leave and i’m not sure if this feeling will go.

ever since last year when i left southbank, i always wondered whether uni life was the life for me. i didn’t really want to go for any other reason than to meet people.

except when it comes down to it, i don’t.

being thrown into something where you feel you need to meet loads of people or not be able to fit in is not how i expected it to be.

i think work is where i belong, and perhaps should instead go. take the two years out as a test, did they make me want to go uni? nope, they made me more want to NOT go.

anyway, i’m going to go home now, so i’ll catcha later.