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cheryl, bazza and the long tongue ;)

Sunday, May 28th, 2000

hehehe. almost forgot all about this, but luckily cheryl has reminded me right before i go to sleep!

Now, i can’t vouch for how much of this is true (after all, i wasn’t there :)) but i do know that cheryl went out last night with all her work chums, and got into some very deep conversations (no pun intended) about her long tongue :)
Hehehe, aparently they all think she can do some ‘pretty cool things ‘ with it, and that i should have been very happy (and now obviously very jealous!!) …. can’t say i noticed myself hahahaahaha!

Anyway, i note that cheryl was doing a lot of cuddling, i wonder how much went to barry (or bazza as i like to affectionately call him :)), of course, she won’t admit to me, but, well, who knows?!? :D
She did tell me about this really cool sounding drink they had though, something about filling your mouth with liquid and then having it set alight! cool! i would try and get one myself, but i would sound a bit stupid saying to the barman “like dude, when i drink this, set it on fire!!!” :eek: maybe i should find out what it is called :thumbup:

Just rang up jamie to ask him about tomorrow, think i caught him at a really bad time (or he was just dead tired) as he seemed really angry and kept ignoring me :mad:, whoops!

Didn’t even manage to get out of him where we are supposed to be going tomorrow :) hahahahaha, nevermind, i guess i’ll just have to get loads of cash out the bank and hope for the best.