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All hail the King!

Friday, November 16th, 2007

I never thought I’d ever hear myself saying this, but I am very impressed with Burger King….

After a craving for a chicken burger led me to the biggest dissapointment ever at KFC (yup, can you believe it - the “king” of chicken places - and their chicken burgers in Taiwan don’t even use breasts!) - someone suggested I try out the Burger King “Chicken Sandwich” - OMG - it was amazing …. so 10 points to the King :thumb:

Went to Danshui last weekend - a thrilling (yeah right) hour ride on a scooter in the freezing cold (all the while knowing, even when we finally got there - we had the same thing back again). (As you can see from the Wiki) - It’s a seaside town, geared towards “tourists” - with loads of food stalls and carnival style games (shooting, hoops etc) - along with the largest concentration of basketball games I’ve ever seen.

We went to a smallish cafe down the end of the seafront which reminded me like being at home, I’m not sure why, the place had a very english cafe style feel to it. The food was also rather tasty, so that was most definitely a bonus.

Speaking of good food - you’ll never believe what I found yesterday … a chicken pie shop!!! Amazing! Proper puff pastry stylee and at a bargain price of 45p.

So yes, Taiwan is treating me very well for eating - a 12″ subway sandwich for lunch, crisps and large drink (all at a mere £2.70) - with dinner being anything I want - seriously, they have every type of food here - with a full 3 course meal in a proper restaurant never costing me more than £7.50!

Tickets also confirmed now - I can even check in online (and choose my exact seat!) - never been able to do that before, though now if I can’t pick the exit row seat, who do I try and sweet talk to upgrade it for me?

As for the rest of what I’ve been up to - I’m at the moment writing a summary of the last year (which is obviously taking a while) - but so as not to get behind again, will keep updating the latest stuff as it happens. I’m also wondering whether to post little bits as I think of them, or just wait until the end of day to do it all in one …. we’ll see.

Anyhoo …. tonight I’m going to the mini-movie theatre (MTV) so will get some photos to show everyone, as I don’t quite seem to be able to describe it accurately yet.

Prepare to be amazed!