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The solution to the cold…

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

Fed up of this cold weather, I decided to do something practical about it, so, hands up who likes my new fleece? (Gowry need not respond, I know what your answer is :p)


They were on sale at Uniqlo down to £5, so it seemed stupid to carry on freezing for the sake of £5 :) I had intended to buy some shirts (which was of course the whole reason I was there in the first place) - but at £15 a pop, I don’t think so! :eek: - I’ll just have to keep washing the one I have every night until I can pick some up in England.

Another cool thing I spotted along the way (after quickly ducking into 7/11) was this…


Yes! That’s right, a can of ready made corn cream soup :) Admittedly, this one wasn’t so good (nor very warm) - but then it was the cheap one, so I only have myself to blame.

A small issue with noise this morning, which in turn led me to oversleep - but i think i can bring it up in a jokey way when people get home, and i need to make the point about Sun, Tue and Thu nights (as in no noise after midnight - my bed time).

Another thing I was thinking about, was this whole studying thing. I guess you could say learning Japanese is my hobby (after all no one is forcing me to do it) - in which case, why does it feel like a chore to do it? Something isn’t quite right…

I’ve come to the conclusion I’m never going to get great at it whilst in Tokyo, there just isn’t enough chance to put it into practise, though being at the school will build up the grammer foundation - so when I move down with Nagisa, I should be able to accelerate my learning a lot more…

In which case, I need to make sure I have all the fundamentals done before that time - blimey, that’s asking a lot — hahaha (not!)

I’m drawing up a new study plan now as well, I’m going to make sure I dedicate 2 hours a day to learning, even if there is nothing else to do (ie I have covered everything, I’m going to do something).

This new year IS going to mean something :D
Of course, in true me style, this doesn’t start until tomorrow :p but then I had already planned to get some other stuff finished before then (which is still outstanding).

I’m also thinking I will buy a light for this room, with the days getting dark so early, sitting in dim light is kinda had on my eyes, and making me fall asleep! I am still loving this big window though, it would better if my field of vision wasn’t narrowed so much by the tower block, but it’s better than staring at a brick wall (aka Seiko’s room).

Work starts again tomorrow, oh joy - and thus begins the start of my shift swap time. A 7 day week :eek:, though not starting until Sunday. Friday I also begin (and end) early, so at least we can go out on the Friday night.