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if i could sleep, i would!

Monday, July 9th, 2001

pah! made the mistake of staying up ’til 2 last night, whoops, looks like my poor little body needs at least 100 hours sleep or summit to stay healthy :)
they put air conditioners in my room on thursday (yeah!) so its not so hot in here anymore (combined with the fact that the sun don’t shine no more :)) and i even have an extra fan on my desk! :P
friday was great, we went to kingston to celebrate booking the holiday (yeah! its booked paid for signed sealed all the rest of it, 31st august if you’re interested) so i was in a really good mood when i left work (and of course as i was gonna see ghekko:!:). we decided to go the tun (cause we are poor) but the git at the door wouldn’t let us in (well he would gow cause she had id) but me being 20 i don’t carry it no more, :( anyway, didn’t have the same problem at the litten tree, so we went there. (which was infinately more fun anyway, and they had the tennis on!)

saturday we were meant to get up early and go my house (’rents away so whole house to self) but we didn’t we just slept in so got home at about 5. we then had to be ready to go out for 8 (i think) which is a hard task, however we had bought drink at home, so we could save money when we were out…….. one bottle of vodka later and 2 bottle of well cheap cider (49p :) but 7.5%) i cant remember why, but we decided to go into the basement and mix instead. which was actually quite lucky cause it was bril and stuff, and just wait until someone has a party! yeah!

anyway, so we missed that :) but had a great nite anyway, except gowry stole the covers, had the fan on and the window open. yes, i was f*cking freezing! whilst she slept happily! grrrrrrrrrr!

if sunday had been good weather,. we were gonna go to the market, but it wasn’t so we just stayed in and did general couply stuff ;) but got out by 7:30 to go to pauls birthday drink type thing (see photo gallery)

that went on until the place shut (10:30/11ish?) and then we ran paul home before taking g home too. B) stayed with her for a bit, before having to say farewell myself, and driving at brakeneck speed to get home in 20 mins exactly :) (i timed it!)

rar! and then stupidly not going straight to bed so being as tired as i am now! hmph! tonite i will sleep early…. honest! ;)