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back in the big league

Tuesday, June 19th, 2001

yes my dear friends, i have been mixing again, and it was SO GOOD…. hurrah, ppl were downstairs and it just seemed to get better and better (a few did drift i admit, but it wasn’t so noticeable).

yeah, so i’ve put in my order request to sapphires to try and get them to barter down to £1000 (thats for 2 technics sl1200m3d’s a vestax pmc270a and 2 ortofon concorde pro carts), i dunno if they will but i bloody hope so!

on the gowry front then, hows it going, well apart from a minor hickup on friday (damn hickups!) its going swimmingly :) :P and she seems to be happy too :P
what else we been up to, well not a lot really, just chilling, driving, drinking (ah! you see the order ;)) and sleeping… oh, and of course, having sex :P
hmmmmm…. i hope her mum don’t ever read this….

anyway, fathers day, a fantasic event, me having to get up early to make it back home to give darling father his present (a cool little man in a suit on a skateboard which is radio controlled! :)) but we didn’t have any batteries…. bummer….. :) and then just to dinner, before i left him and spent the rest of the day at cheryls :)
today, ah! yeah, my brakes went, the front one just locked up and was making nasty noises. i coulnd’t afford to fix it so dad kindly said he would pay.

so this morning i took it to the garage, come back at end of day and it all done :) woo hoo! ask dad how much it was ……. £160 madness! they changed the pads, drums and cleaned everything up! wow!!

anyway, i was happy cause the car was fixed, so i got in a drove it off….. like, 1 minute (perhaps even less) it was doing it again! so i took it back tro the garage…

hang on says the guy, and calls another chap over, who promptly jacks the car up (30 seconds) rotates the wheel (2 seconds) scrapes dirt off the inside (5 seconds) lowers it down (1 second) and then proceeds to say its now fixed!!!


well as it turned out, the brake fluid seal was broken and leaking…… so i guess the moral is, believe the signs :) hehehehehe…. what if i’d been on a hill :)
hahahahahahahahaha :rolleyes:
anyway, i’m in a hyper mood now and need to go ring gowza to proclaim my undying love….. or something like that :)


Monday, June 11th, 2001

just after i get over one illness i start to get another one, its this room, its horrible and makes me feel so sick.. hmph :(
i’ve been ill all weekend (started on thursday) so had ‘g’ looking after me :) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX so i ain’t really complaining ;) :P but it did kinda stifle things as we were supposed to be group out on friday.

anyway, i got some really nice picture frames from clinton, i will try and scan em so you lot can all see em, but they are great :) woo hoo! and we played the n64 which was quite good fun aktually…..

eurgh, feel crap, need to go……. :(

i got a new job, woo hoo! :P

Tuesday, June 5th, 2001

cool, so i’ve now got a new job, well, my old job back really, except there are a few great changes. number one being i get paid double rate (yeah, like £10 an hour instead of £5), number two, i’ve managed to negeotiate the ‘ghekko’ contract, which is actually a lot more important than you may think.

last time i posted i think it was when gowry was staying over for the whole week (i took the week off work) and it was fantastic, so much so, that i miss her loads now (i’m in love god damn you! 8)) so when i was offered a fulltime job again, it was great, except it would mean i couldn’t see g on thursday nites.


so basically, i’ve made it so my contract is only 4.5 days a week, with friday morning off, so i can stay with g on thursday nites! woo hoo! :) oh, and three i only start at 9:30 hurrah!

what else been happening then, hmmmmm, got new speakers for the car, and they are quality, like serious quality, its gonna rattle when all the components are finally put in it :)
oh, and b4 i forget, i need to do a public apology to borka, who i missed going out with last nite, cause i forgot, I’M SORRY!!!! SORRY!!!!! SORRY!!!! :( :( but i know you will forgive me ;)
so yeah, here i am at my new/old? job sitting watching a computer room (i’ll try and sort the cam out again so you can see what it looks like) and basically getting on with my iNETFX stuff (this month we made £487!) this cc business is good!

neglected the group a bit recently (hi guys!) so will make more of an effort to see them, and try and save money in the meantime (i don’t know how, but i am broke again!)

neways, gotta put some posters up now, so need to split….. ciao….