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The phone call that changed it all….

Sunday, December 4th, 2005

Wow, looking back at yesterdays post - sheesh, that was pretty bleak eh?

Last night, I stayed up until 4am or so until Gowry got home so was finally able to speak to her :) And after an hour or so on the phone, I felt so much better… hurrah!

Today was the traditional “spend all day in bed until Seiko comes home day” - so that’s exactly what happened… did a bit of work on this site (mood, listening to) and started work on my Japanese book.

At maybe 6pm or so, it seemed the right thing to do to take a shower, so braving the cold I escaped from the glass prison that is my bedroom and headed for places warmer.

To try and avoid the “waiting for the water to heat until you get into it” issues, I turned the bathroom clothes drying thing on, (which fills the shower room with steam so you can dry your stuff inside , clever eh) and put the shower on.

Everything was going good for the first 10 minutes or so, until the condensation of the shower (at least I assume this is what happened) reacted with the steam/heater thing and caused the power to trip :D lol..

Usually this wouldn’t be so much of a problem, but remember the shower room is an enclosed room, which in turn is in an enclosed room. Result - pitch black. And I am talking proper pitch black, I was waving my hand right in front of my face and I still couldn’t see it!!!

Figuring the power might come back on, I carried on with my shower, of course forgetting the electricity heats the water ….. :D Yup, a few seconds later and freezing cold water was shooting out, with me unable to find the off handle for ages due to the dark…. hahaha….

Anyway, back on here to keep programming until Seiko returned and cooked a really nice fried steak / potatoe wedge style combo on our okonimiyaki heater thing.

So plans for tonite? Well the usual I’m afraid :) Off to Roppongi in about 20 minutes or so, probably back to Hub then onto a club. I couldn’t find enough people to come to the club I could play at, so that will have to be posponed for now - but maybe next week or so…. let’s hope so!!!

Anyway, better get ready - Seiko is waiting…. w00t!