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i cannot remember what i’ve already said!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2001

hmm, just need to read up on what i’ve already said…. ahah! nothing :openmouth:, so whats been going on this week?

well yesterday was mine and gow’s (or is that gow and my?) 6 month anniversary, so i obviously had to do something special for her or she would kill me :eek:!

we had planned to go starlight express at victoria, but it was always going to be tight as i needed to go to kingston to get her present off shima (thanks shima if you are reading!!!) which was some bag she liked (i’m crap at this sorta thing, i would have much prefered a nike holdal :)) and a ted and stuff, and by the time that was done, it got to peak traffic to hampton time, so i got there kinda late!

although she didn’t have to get to annoyed about it :mad: cause it was all for her! :P so in the end we went out to a restaurant instead (i had decided to dress up :)), the blue pumpkin in putney, which (despite costing an arm and a leg!) was most delicious :cool: and it was well worth it, just to look at gowry looking so beautiful opposite me :)
i did mention i am in love rite? :lol: 8) ;) :thumbup:

anyway, what else… hmm, erm, friday we were going to go to kingston to go litten tree or whetherspoons (i was late again tho cause i had to go to cheryls to get driving license, and stayed a while chatting) so in the end, after waiting for a non existent bus we decided to stay in and get a pizza :) we then also discovered that cranbewrry (well i did) and vodka is the nicest drink in the whole world and the cranberry takes the taste of vodka away :) hurrah! 8)
saturday gowry had to go to hospital to see her mum, so i went home and mixed, although no one was in so i was a bit upset, despite the fact it went quite well :) and waited for gowry to call, but it got late, so we couldn’t go to the party (seymour or summit had a tab in battersea) so yeah, we stayed in and drunk again :) (i got some more cranberry!) hahahaha :lol:

sunday, now sunday, this was an eventful day! it was christines leaving party (she is going to gambia for 2 years) and was having a barbeque to like say goodbye :) it was a normal adult affair, made better as zak and wife (and of course gowry) were there, so it was quite enjoyable, (especially the food! mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm!) and so was the wine…

now, wine, whats the story? well, anyone that knows me and my social gatherings will know that if i go somewhere with free wine, i make the most of it….. and so we did :D
so basically, for 5 (even 6?) hours we drank. and we drank and drank and drank and got extrememly drunk :openmouth: which was cool, and had a great time :) we even managed to get home ok! hehehehe

next morning however, problem, i was still drunk so couldn’t drive! haha, i had to keep going back to sleep until i sobered up and then drink coffee and sit in the bath and stuff, until finally i could drive in :)
everyone was digging me at work though, which i though was very unfair as i was fine :) not hungover (much) at all :lol:

anyway, have to finish late, someone needs the machine…. ta ta!