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argh! i just cannot be on time!

Thursday, September 27th, 2001

ok, thursdays and mondays is start at 9am days, so in preperation for this, i got up at 7:45, go ready and then left for 8:15, giving me 45 minutes to get to uni.

except, i was still late :( but REALLY late, i got in at 10:10!!! i could have gone to the other half of my lecture, but didn’t want to look stupid walking in so late (i think i had missed the break)

anyways, rantings out of the way.

yesterday we went out for tom’s birthday tea at the argentinean (is that how you spell it?) restaurant on battersea rise. the steaks were huge and it really tasted nice :) but like, it was a steak, so not really much to add :) (just wanted to put in the tom’s birthday bit).

uni has got better, i went to my first lecture on tuesday and it was generally ok. i will need a bit of time to adjust but should be fine. the workshops are the problem though and the bit i’m not too sure about. got one of these after lunch, so i will know then :)
about the gallery’s, i’ve updated how they work and the video’s are now stored on seperate pages along with the file sizes. bear in mind 1Mb (megabyte ;)) will take about 3/4 mins on a 56k modem, and about 5/6 on a 33.6. anything faster will obviously be a lot quicker. its also advisable to save them straight to hd incase the player crashes :)
so whats going on then? well tonite, borka had asked if i wanted to dj at guilford and i did honestly think about it. then i chickened out. (i had done a 3.5 hour set yesterday to practise and it was ok, so i dunno why i wont mix out). i think i want to do some house parties first, just to get my confidence up you see :) and i also need to buy my deck cases (nice aluminium boxes which will protect everything). i can get these with my tax rebate :) hurrah!

erm, been looking through my old CaT stuff, and got a patch to allow the old pascal bits and bobs to run, which was very interesting and allowed me to reminice over my old work (goes back to jan 1997!) when i was able to distro files all over the world and had a name for myself :) hurrah!

i’m actually thinking of putting the BBS back on my computer just for old times sake and to show gowry so she can understand what i;m talking about! :)
i’ll go to kingston soon to go hmv and stuff, but first i’ll wait for everyone to come out of lecture to meet up for a drink, hurrah!

i got a new job, woo hoo! :P

Tuesday, June 5th, 2001

cool, so i’ve now got a new job, well, my old job back really, except there are a few great changes. number one being i get paid double rate (yeah, like £10 an hour instead of £5), number two, i’ve managed to negeotiate the ‘ghekko’ contract, which is actually a lot more important than you may think.

last time i posted i think it was when gowry was staying over for the whole week (i took the week off work) and it was fantastic, so much so, that i miss her loads now (i’m in love god damn you! 8)) so when i was offered a fulltime job again, it was great, except it would mean i couldn’t see g on thursday nites.


so basically, i’ve made it so my contract is only 4.5 days a week, with friday morning off, so i can stay with g on thursday nites! woo hoo! :) oh, and three i only start at 9:30 hurrah!

what else been happening then, hmmmmm, got new speakers for the car, and they are quality, like serious quality, its gonna rattle when all the components are finally put in it :)
oh, and b4 i forget, i need to do a public apology to borka, who i missed going out with last nite, cause i forgot, I’M SORRY!!!! SORRY!!!!! SORRY!!!! :( :( but i know you will forgive me ;)
so yeah, here i am at my new/old? job sitting watching a computer room (i’ll try and sort the cam out again so you can see what it looks like) and basically getting on with my iNETFX stuff (this month we made £487!) this cc business is good!

neglected the group a bit recently (hi guys!) so will make more of an effort to see them, and try and save money in the meantime (i don’t know how, but i am broke again!)

neways, gotta put some posters up now, so need to split….. ciao….

hello to the borkas!

Thursday, May 24th, 2001

well, i am at the moment quite drunk so the spelling may be a little off, but i am trying my best ok!

taken rest of week off to spend it with gowry :) and as had gone to bed so late, slept until like 1:30, but i was reading fhm in the bathroom until 3 or summit, so like a lazy start to the day.

then whilst gowry was washing i went into the basement and started on my mix machine for about an hour…… OH MY GOD!!! it was the best i had ever fucking mixed, it was fucking ace on top fuck it ruled!

yeah, it started of with general trance and stuff, but then got onto the hard house and was banging and i ruled and its all cause of the headphones (and cause i am just great)

woo hoo! then we went to argos to get a record holder and the common and stuff but we had to leave to get borka (yeah i know i am writing shit but i am drunk ok :)) and then she came round and……

AHHHHHH! slow down!!!!!!

OK, borka came around but i wanted to build my record holder (which was £34.99 from argos) so i set to work, unfortuantely though it didn’t fit and so i need to take it back tomorrow, damn!

borks needed to work on her project, so we went upstairs and started working through c++ (which i had not learnt before), but we soon got sidetrakced and started taking loads of photos :D 8) (which will soon be uploaded)

damn, well, i dont think i should write anymore, but i will say i’ve been hacing a great nite with gow and its a shame it all has to end (cause parents coming back and all) and i will miss it.

oh, new accounts for inetfx….

woo hoooooo! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

eventful day… not! :P

Thursday, May 17th, 2001

why do i even bother going to work? they never give me anything to do so all i do is sit around doing absolutely nothing :(

Anyway, on the plus side, ordered a new 128meg memory stick for the camera (yes, that is over 400 photos on one stick!) so hopefully the gallery will become massive with the amounts coming on and ordered my new sony phones, which will make cueing up a lot easier :)
Went to wimbledon at about 4ish and basically, well, like, i was just walking out the centre court, when i realised i was in between two massive groups (we’re talking 100-150 people here), just carry on through (i ain’t gonna stop!) when suddenly there is this huge roar and they are running at each other! throwing each other into the road and kicking and punching and stuff! wow! police and stuff, the lot :)
Made me think, i’m gonna go with my ambition to take up taekwondo or summit as they were vicious!

Nan’s birthday :D so had to go round for tea, but left part way through to pick up my new phone, the panasonic coloured thing, cool! now i can send borka musical texts :)

Oh, and finished the coding for my friends, now i just need to put them on :) hahaha….

Might tidy up a bit cause gowry coming to stay, so i suppose it should be as clean as can be for her…. or maybe she should just do it…. :D